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not ready to grow up yet

April 11, 2021


I'm not quite ready
to let go yet
to let go of the days
when I hide in my closet
giggling when I hear them
call my name for hide and seek
curling up in a ball during a storm
trying not to cry too loudly

my brother came in my room the other day
he was scared by an unexplained noise in his room
our parents were out and my sister was at a friend's house
he jumped on me and we watched bts dance practices
his eyes fluttered shut, lulled to dreamland by the quiet music
as he scooted up to me, I realized
he came to me for comfort
but who would I go to for mine?

I'm not quite ready 
to let go yet
I still get teased because of my height
my friends call me shorty and kiddo
but there will be a day
when I don't look like a kid
I'll be an adult
with a house and a partner and a job
and I would have let go of those days

my friend facetimed me the other day
his parents told him they can't pay for his tuition
he was crying to me, "how will i go to college?"
we talked for hours, him becoming less stressed, but me more so
when he hung up, he thanked me for being there for him
I was there for his comfort
but would he be there for mine?

I'm not quite ready
to let go yet
I look around me
at my car, at my keyboard, my guitar, and my speakers
at my desk, my closet, my laptop, and my posters
at my family, my dog, my cameras, and my books
my life is just like any other's
everyone else has to let go
they seem ready to let go
but I'm not ready
to leave everything behind
and become someone new


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  • Rohan’s Defender

    Re: I know, they’re so sweet! <3
    YES I WANT TO READ IT!!! I probably won’t have time tonight, but almost any day YESSS!!!

    about 1 month ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    Re: aw, it sounds sweet!! Thank you for telling me about it! And yeah, I get high expectations for sure!
    Aw, thank you! YES I AM LOVING IT! I’m on episode 32 (I think that the next one). I lovedddd the one where they play the Half Asleep Game.... lollll they were so cute! XD
    Argh I don’t have it, but I would LOVE to read that so much!! Do you think you’ll ever post it on here?

    about 1 month ago