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Hey there! I love writing, reading, watching movies, smelling rain, cooking, babysitting, watching leaves turn colors in autumn, laughing, and hanging out with friends and family.
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I Wish...

June 12, 2015

I wish there was no illness

I wish there was no pain

I wish there was no sadness

and people did not strain


I wish there was no such thing as stress

and families broken apart

I wish that the world wasn't such a mess

and people wouldn't depart


I wish there were more summer days

and friends to share it with

I wish my smile would last longer

and death was just a myth


I wish there was no hunger

I wish there were no poor

I wish we saw ourselves as equals

instead of the boat and the oar


I wish I had words to express

the feelings in my heart

I wish others might understand

before I break apart


I wish things were easier

and maybe sweeter too

I wish it wasn't so tough

so it was simpler to make it through


But I know that we will 

hold 'till the end

And fight our way right through

I know we will, my friend



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