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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

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Feels good to be back on my ethereal/dreamy aesthetic bs! Feedback appreciated, as usual.

sugar glaze

April 11, 2021


no. shut up and sit down. i’m thinking about how all art is a reference, which is to say nothing is ever new. so this time around, i’m not scared. i have known you before, even though i don’t know which life it was in. we are endlessly & forever here, orbiting each other, saturn and uranus or whatever other planets that exist. the moon & me & the galaxy. me & the stars & the zodiac cycle. i’ll become prey for you. you, in your high heels that you don’t need, because you’re already taller than me and just want to be an asshole about the height difference between us. me on my tippy toes, looking up at the blade of your nose bridge, your tongue on your teeth, the open-throat gleam of your highlighter.

i don’t want to hear you talk right now. just let me watch you, in the cold blue light of the refrigerator, snorting with laughter. how you’re doubled over and when you straighten, you drink straight from the gallon of milk like a barbarian. how my tongue knots itself again & again in your shadow, and my heart has to remember to keep pumping. how the slick of it in my chest feels like it belongs to you. these days it is heavier in the most exquisite way. how i will keep turning my pillow over for you, letting the smirk of my belly settle into your sharpness.

be quiet. i’m thinking about all the ways i have ever known you. you as the last spoonful of rice pudding in my cup. grass after rain. the diamonds dripping off of the chandelier. you as episode five of my favourite tv show. the flashback scene in a book, all italicized and fragile. the fresh white of clean sheets. the shine of saliva on my fingertips. the lip balm on yours. the way i will stick with you & stick with you until you are tired of me. the way i pray every night and every morning that you are not tired of me yet. the way i hope. the way i hope.


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