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Hi! Thanks for checking out my piece! I hope you enjoy it! Also, thank you so much to dee’s abditory and Ava Marie for these awesome prompts! Have an amazing day/night :)

just some song lyrics and a story

May 2, 2021

PROMPT: April Grab Bag


Prompt: Write your favorite song from the other perspective (ex: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton from Jolene's pov)—don’t forget to credit the songwriter! (by dee’s abditory)

Song: First Man
Credit: Performed by Camila Cabello; Written by Amy Wadge, Camila Cabello, Jordan Reynolds
New Perspective: Her Father

(Verse 1) 

Wow, you're all grown up
Can't believe you're already in love
I'll be here for you every day  
And I know it's cliche 
But if someone hurts you, I'll be your rescue 
I want you to be happy in life
So I'm glad you found someone you really like 
Maybe for the first time


I understand you got to leave 
Have fun at the party 
Or wherever you're headed 
Promise, you'll text me


You swear on your heart
That he's a good man 
I trust your word 
But it's a crazy world 
Want to make sure you're alright 
Now he can 
But you'll always have your dad
Who really loves you

(Verse 2) 

I'm in the kitchen, making breakfast 
Extra person to serve nowadays
Wish I saw you more often 
At least you're having fun at his place 


Your mom and I couldn't be more proud
How'd we get so lucky?
I'm smiling ear to ear 
Can't hold back these happy tears (Oh)


You swear on your heart
That he's a good man 
Where’d the time go? 
We still miss you at home
Want to make sure you're alright 
Now he can 
But you'll always have your dad
Who really loves you 

(Verse 3)
Now I’m holding an old scrapbook with  photographs 
You’re playing dress-up, painting pictures, and smiling wide
Wish I could turn back time to 2000
But I can’t so I’m just glad that these memories last 


Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah


You and your mom are my whole world 
My past, future, and everything in between 
So when I walk you down the aisle
I might cry but that’s only because I’m so proud inside 


Sweet pea, I can’t believe you’re getting married
To me, you’ll always be my beautiful little girl
I hope you know that you’ll always have your dad who really loves you
No matter what happens 
We’re the best duo 
And I really love you

Prompt: Write a 200-word story that starts with the last text you sent. (by Ava Marie)

​"Okay, I'm coming right now!" Deja grabbed her duffel bag with a broken zipper, holding random clothes. When the call ended, she bolted out of her motel room, squishing her blistered feet into discolored tennis shoes. Stressed, Deja shoved her hand into her pocket, finding seven dollars and a nickel. Leaving the building, a handful of people on the streets mumbled and traded glances, causing her to clutch her bag tighter and squeeze her little cash in her fist. Staring at the cement scattered with old gum, she moved quickly down the sidewalk, hesitant to make eye contact with anyone. Turning down the third side street, Carroll Lane, she sped up. Near the end of the road, Deja saw Aaron slouching over his truck. "You're late. Get in," Aaron told, opening the driver's door. Deja listened and hopped in, buckling her seatbelt, setting her stuff on her lap, still while gripping her money. "Give me that," Aaron forced the money out of her hand. "Hey!" Deja reacted. "You owe me," he revved up the truck. "You didn't have to take me." "Well, I did. And I saved your life," Aaron countered and they drove out of the city in silence.



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  • Pavlo Korol

    Re: Thanks a lot for your support. Keep on making this amazing progress. Your pieces are getting better and better. ;)

    5 months ago
  • YW_H

    I honestly have no words for this, you are clearly a FARRR better songwriter than me but I can tell that I am going to learn a lot from you. To continue, I am obsessed with the way that you brought this piece to life with your word choice and you nailed the prompt right on the head. The lines, "You and your mom are my whole world
    My past, future, and everything in between" totally melted my heart you executed them so well - and, of course, First Man is such a bop lol, I am a sucker for some Camila, Fifth Harmony and I am a ballad obsessors ahahah! You really are so talented and I cannot wait to read more of and learn from your work since I am a songwriter myself! I am JAE by the way, and I am sending all of my love to you! I would love to be friends, xo!

    5 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    Re: Thank you so much!!!! That means everything and I cannot thank you enough for being so kind and for supporting me here. You are so amazing and if I join WtW again, I will definitely reach out! Sending all my love and I hope we get to connect again in the future!

    5 months ago
  • Avril

    Ooh these are so good! That first one was so sweet. And the story was really intriguing; it was such a creative way to go from that text message! Each line gets a little more mysterious and the last line left me wanting more.
    Re: yes exactly!! And aw thanks, that's so nice :)

    5 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    Re: OHHHHH i love this!!

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Piece 1: Oooh I love this so much, it's so rhythmic and sweeeeet! I love how you weaved in scrapbooks (hehe) but seriously, it worked so well and "My past, future, and everything in between /So when I walk you down the aisle/I might cry but that’s only because I’m so proud inside " was just AWWWW what a beautiful way to put it!
    Piece 2: I love how you're really descriptive even though you had a word limit like describing exactly how much change Deja had and the "cement scattered with old gum" and just like Zirong said: will there be a sequel because I really have to know more!! And "they drove out of the city in silence" was the perfect ominous ending!
    RE: Awww thank you so so so much!!
    Ooooh blackout poetry sounds sooo cool and so much fun to do in class!
    Haha aww thank you again, but seriously, the fact that you’re saying that so much just adds to my case that YOU are super sweet!
    Hahaha! Yeah, she was *sarcastic* reaalllllyyy happy *end sarcasm* about it.
    Haha yeah, oh my, I can’t even look at this one short story I wrote in grade 6 (I had to for class) literally the worst thing ever done haha! (And I am not kidding!)
    And aww thank youuuu!
    Haha yeah and mm yes! Lolll, dw, I’m in a perpetual state of tiredness XD
    Haha alright! And aww no stop, ok from now on, no more saying I’m so sweet because it just further proves how sweet you are and then half our responses are just “you’re so sweet” XD (dw, I’m not calling you out cause I do the same thing lol)
    Oooh nice, see at that point all I can think about is eating chocolate hehehe
    Haha yes! And wait, the Princess and the Frog reason was my reason too hahaha!!!!
    Oooh ok, I would go descendants because if they’re my descendants then the technology that’s allowing me to time travel they’ll know of and I could reveal who I am but ancestors would think I was a witch (plus it was hard life back then!) What about you?
    (Also sorry for the SUPER late response! Idk if you saw my message from writer on my profile but for the next like 20 days I’m going to be responding super late and then I’ll be back to normal afterwards!)
    Anyway, hope you’re having a fantabulous day!!

    5 months ago
  • Zirong

    ooo here are two pieces! The song is so sweet and I can really feel her father's love for her! The second piece kinda reminds me of the song you wrote to your future daughter , and the ending really lets my imagination run wild! Will there be a sequel?

    re: sorry for this super super late reply! Thank you a lot for your sweet comments! <3

    5 months ago