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i am

April 15, 2021

i am not perfection
i am not intelligent
i am not beautiful
i am not you

why must i fit into a painful jail
that punishes me whether 
i succeed or fail
why must i abide to boundaries 
where i am judged by the
unknown not memories
why must i let you mold me
to be loved, for when it is 
you who cannot see

if this is supposed to be life
then i dont want to live
how can i survive?
i am human, just like you
why am i different
my heart feels too

are we all not children,
who feel, hurt, and harm deeper
are we all different now,
forgetful of who we once were
because i don't want to change into
something i most certainly am not
i refuse to be an empty shell
i am not willing to pay that cost

i am perfect as i am
i will work for success
i am confident as i am
i am the best version of me


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1 Comment
  • nolongeractive

    This piece is amazing!! You are so talented. I really love your word choice and meaningful metaphors in it. You really have so much talent; I cannot wait to see what you write next.

    about 1 year ago