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South Africa

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Please let me know what emotions this poem provokes. What story do you get from it? Can you relate to it or understand it. You can tell me anything that comes to mind when reading this poem.

The pain a smile hides

April 10, 2021

The pain a smile hides
Of a sincere soul once happy
Of a whole heart now broken
And the right words unspoken.

The tear that slips unnoticed
A tear that burns deep down
One salty little drop,
A drop in which you drown.

Another day will pass
Yet no one sees the truth-
A shattered piece of glass,
Never to be whole again.

Will there ever be peace
Or happiness, maybe even love
Or will the pain a smile hides
Always be enough?
Written by Mindé Beukes. I think the poem speaks for itself, a previously happy person now smiling to hide their pain and describes what that smile hides and then later questioning the pain and how long it will last. 


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1 Comment
  • Annabelle O’C

    I like the way you’ve manipulated the rhyme so that it’s shifting - very clever!

    29 days ago