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'we meet no ordinary
people in our lives.'
~c.s. lewis~


April 12, 2021


the doctors tell me it's psychosomatic. they say there's no real medical explanation. but i'm not crazy. that's basically what they're calling me anyway. crazy. and i'm not. phantom pain implies there was something there in the first place. something that would go phantom. but this ache hurts more than anything real. and tears don't satiate any of that hunger for... something. 

the doctors tell me it's psychosomatic. all in my head. but my head is to pretty of a place for that to be true. if only the could see in my head too. then maybe they would see the stained glass windows and sculptures. this shard of glass impaling my heart is real. 

the doctors tell me it's psychosomatic. but there is such a thing as a broken heart. maybe losing you broke my heart. and i know you won't come back, but i still want you back. psychosomatic or not, i know you could stop the pain. and maybe the pain is phantom from the hole that you left in my heart. but it's not psychosomatic.

the doctors tell me it's psychosomatic. but you are my medical explanation. 

i miss you. 
completely fictional. umm also don't know where the inspiration. Probably highly influenced by the fact that i've been listening to billie eilish.


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  • The Ravenclaw Dragon

    This is really pretty! I love the creativity in this piece. The repetition is also really powerful. Keep on writing!

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    Wow, this piece is so pretty and I honestly cannot even believe the depth of it. It really just reminds me of Billie Eilish, and kind of similar to the music I write. I am so obsessed with the meaning and levels of repitition. Amazing work, and I cannot wait to see what else you write!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Ooooh I really love this, the repetition of "the doctors tell me it's psychosomatic" was really powerful. This was so sad and romantic but really well-written! The ending is just awww, and for some reason, I could just imagine a girl in a hospital bed saying all this as doctors rush around her (like the opening scene to a movie or something) and well yeah, you made me think that so amazing job! And hahah Billie Eilish would lead you to write something like this XD

    6 months ago