I skipped over the stars as a bird

April 19, 2021

I skipped over the stars as a bird
That seized the winds and grasped the rain
Called away the strange absurd
That names itself as pain
Stranger from the heavens above
Came down to meet my gaze
Lifted me up by his love
And cloaked me in his grace
I saw the bleakness of the skies
And shook myself awake
Contemplating for my life
I jumped down to my grave
Even as the dark consumed
The nothingness hugs gently
Laying still to be exhumed
Is better than the empty 


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  • Gvotcho (also known as Max K)

    *slow clap* Amazing job! I see your new hear on the site so welcome! Don't worry to much about the community (there great). Happy writing.

    19 days ago