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"Never think it didn't happen to you or it's not real, because it is for you and that's what matters."
Every writer is good, someone will like the things you write about, you just might not have found them yet.
Favourite Book- Dreamland by Sarah Dessen (Makes me cry ever time)

Life Update: I'm back! Things have been tough but I feel so happy, I've started a new book called Ghost Boy, all chapters are done in 2 parts, weekly updates!


April 10, 2021

The wires twist and tangle 
Her feet flutter, kicking at the air 
Face blue and dress pink
The fan spins in an irregular pattern above us
Where did it come from?
She turns her sunken head
And all goes b  l   a    c     k

Then it happens
Blood everywhere
A yellow sky above

Leather and coke
St. Petersburg and Andromeda

Her royal highness, Iris
Sitting on her throne
Her world brought down by the Plant Virus
And everyone had flown
Now she was stuck
Stuck with dead bodies littering the ground

What she did unthinkable
The death of winged soldiers and a colliding star

The future is among us
The fan spins in an irregular pattern above
She turns her sunken head
And I kiss her

All to forget the horrible truth of whats to be
Please help me, i really want to be noticed for this competition, i love poetry, i need reviews please!!!
thansk to all who read it though

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  • ~wildflower~

    I’ve submitted a review. Hopefully it comes through soon!

    27 days ago