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United States

writer, artist, dreamer

i'm depressed. i pretend to be fine, though.

"cogito, ergo sum."
("i think, therefore i am.")
-rené descartes

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My Favorite Feeling

April 9, 2021

I’m no poet
Rhymes aren’t my sword
I’m terrified, though I’m trying not to show it
As I tremble with each and every word
I’m scared of my own shadow
And scared that I do know
That I am no poet at all

I’m bad with syllables
I suck at public speaking
My throat closes up
And I feel like I’m squeaking
I wish I was better at this thing they call performance
And I thought I could do it with a second chance
But I thought wrong

Poetry’s a dance 
Put into words
And at first glance
There’s no way to hit a curb
There’s no right or wrong way
But I’m here to say,
I know I can’t write
Poetry quite right 

My poetry is messy
In a flurry of words
Each cluster of speech
Its own untameable herd
They’re not pieced together nicely
With scissors and glue
They’re taped and ripped
From other things
So I can make something new

So I’m not a poet 
Without stardust of flourish
But I try,
I try to nourish
The writer inside of me, 
With their crinkle-cut dreams
I try to say “you can do it!”
But I don’t know what it means

But please help my poet
Though I don’t know what to do
Nothing I do works
Should I try something new?
Because my poet is no poet at all
And my poet’s courage keeps shrinking very small.


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  • nolongeractive

    This piece is so good!! I cannot get over your talent and the way you demonstrate your emotions in the piece. Also, I feel like the way you organized the piece was just brilliant. Thank you for sharing this piece. I cannot wait to see what else you write!

    28 days ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    "The writer inside of me,
    With their crinkle-cut dreams" ahhh i love how you approached this, how you wrote this

    about 1 month ago