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Whatever you say

May 17, 2014



"Tell me."


"Come on!"


"Why not?" she whines, poking my shoulder. "Its just a stupid list." And then the pouting starts.

I sigh. "Cuz, a lot of the things I say end up coming true."

"Like what?"

"Remember when I told Mr. Reese to burn in hell? The next day he came in with a burn all around his left arm."

"Ooh! Oor when you told Johnny to shut up? And his throat got so sore he couldn't talk for three days! Oh God, his voice when he finally DID speak," she chuckles. When she finally stops, everything's quiet for a moment. "Nothin's gonna happen, geesh. Or, this could be a great opportunity to abuse your superpower." She smirks and I follow suit.



"Yeah. 1. No such things as diseases. 2.-"

She makes a strange noise emanating from the back of her throat.


"Well, I just thought you were gonna be careful with this list stuff."

"I AM being careful."

"Yeah, now there won't be any mess-ups in our gene codes and we won't have as diverse a genetic gene pool. Meaning we all have the same exact traits. Thanks for letting the human race get wiped out by the Second Ice Age."

I glare at her. "2. World peace-"

"So we destroy all our weapons and are defenseless against the alien invasion. Smart move."

"3. Time travel is possible."

"Do I need to say anything about THAT one?"

"Nope," I say with a smile, "4. No such thing as bullying."

"'Cuz taking away people's free will is morally correct."

"Exactly. 5. You didn't have to go to school if you didn't want to."

"Thank you, Jill, for making the human race more ignorant than it already was."

"You're welcome, Lily. 6. Death doesn't exist."

"I love zombie apocalypses!"

"7. Magic does."

"And now those zombies can be controlled by the government."

"8. I didn't have to finish this list."

"Oh if only that one was true."

"9. Three hours of sleep felt like a night's worth."

"Now we're gettin somewhere!"

"10. Lily would stop bothering me."


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