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Window Panes and Rainy Days

April 9, 2021

 I love closing windows. And no, that's not some crazy deep metaphor for life or something. I mean it literally. I just love closing windows.
    Especially when it's raining. That feeling I get when I stop the water from pouring into my room and muffle the sound of drops hitting the roof is just about indescribable.
    It makes my insides go all soft and fuzzy, like someone just wrapped me in a warm blanket. It makes me think that the Earth not only gives us rain to cleanse, but also to entertain. I mean, can you imagine how boring life would be without rain? No dark and dreary stories to tell or happy Singin' in the Rain songs to sing.
    There's a reason why so many poems are about nature.  
    Whenever it rains, I run all around my house and open every single window. Then, I sit in the middle of the dining room and listen. I listen to the wind howling, the rain tapping and, if I'm lucky, the thunder rumbling.
    I sit and breathe it all in. Then, I close all the windows one by one. All of the noises slowly get softer and softer, I start feeling safer and safer. I save my bedroom window for last. When I close it, all of the rumbling and rustling goes quiet. It's still there, but it's gentle. Like a lullaby.
    I look out the glass that's separating me from the hustle that's going on. I'm safe from that. I'm protected.
    I sit by my fireplace with a cup of Earl Grey in my hands. The fire is crackling, the drops are racing down my window (the one on the right won) and the tea is comforting me with its rich, earthy taste.
    And I realize that this... this is what home is supposed to feel like.


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  • Nyla

    Woww I absolutely love this!! And I totally agree- there's just something so calming about rain. Also haha, I know what you mean by the raindrops winning on one window!

    6 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Oh my! This is so lovely! I know the feeling:)

    6 months ago