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Allie Utke

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Hi, I'm Allie. I'm doing this for the heck of it. Lets see what happens.

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My Mind in a Nutshell

May 14, 2015



Ok, the best way to describe the way my mind function is this.

One side is full of medows with puppies, cartoon characters, like my little pony, PowerPuff Girls, Loony Toons, Monty Python, things like that. The sky is always clear, be it day or night and at night, you can see every star in the sky. It's a place you go to in order to be happy and to get away.


The other side is gruesome and dark. Everything is dead and rotten. It's full of death and decay. This part is full of every Saw trap, every Mortal Kombat fatality, and evry Ghost Horror movie. When this side comes out, it scares people and I don't really care, in fact I laugh when I scare people. I just wish I could control it.

This is my mind and I have no idea how it works and/or what to do with it. But, whatever.



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