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Hey, I don't really know where this poem was going. Feel free to give me feedback:) I would really appreciate it:)
Thank you!

I kissed him

April 9, 2021


A Withering rose drapes on death bed
Cold and insipid
It's petals of rust were once cherry red.
Awaiting for the subtle snap of it's cane
To be picked by a love.
Or slaughtered by pain.
                                                                                                                                                                                          My prickling throat
Parched and dusty
Filled with moths
my breath old and musty.
Mints for lunch
Counting the digits
The calories, the steps
the clock, the minutes.

Lips like a drought
Eyes like stone
The edge of the seat belt
scraping my hip bone.

"Can we kiss now?" He said.

The withering rose unfolded it's arms
It's spine perked up
Shining like a charm
It's stem rolling between love's fingers.
His hand cups my face.
The taste of is lips linger.

My lungs inhale the moment of bliss
My soul dances in sparkling pink mist
But soon all is to burn down in flames

He thinks it's a game.

The falling rose smacks into dirt
It's cherry-red petals punctured and hurt
Broken and scattered by the sighing wind
It's seeds spreading 
a new life begins.



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  • Nyla

    I loved this. It was so romantic and very beautifully descriptive. At the ending- lol this probably isn't what you meant- but I thought "It's seeds spreading
    a new life begins" was a really cool way to symbolize a baby. (or the love growing which is probably what you meant!) Anyway, really great job! I loved the description of the rose throughout.

    6 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Awwww, so romantic!! This is beautiful! I’m a hopeless romantic so the title caught my attention xd

    6 months ago