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April 20, 2021

Have you ever felt at home in a place you have never been?
Because I have.
I have never felt that warm Atlantic water
But my cheeks have been caressed by hot tears
And that is enough
I am connected to this place
That I walk, and then 
R    U    N
And happily
Through in all of my dreams
There is a house by the bluffs
Surrounded by seagrass waving with smiling fronds
Sunbaked beige stucco whispers of lives new and old
Summer vacations and Spring weekends long gone
A blue front door that is the color of the sky 
Inside, somebody I have never met sits at a small chair
Holding a muffin that he stole out of the picnic basket
And they lead me down the rocky path,
Danger and fire shooting from their creased palms
But safety is the last thing on my mind
For once
We sit on the sand far enough that the water will never reach us 
Unless it is high tide
I feel that high tide is far away and somehow,
I know this is not the time
The sea shimmers with the reflection of the sun
The spray crafts fleeting newborn rainbows
Like in the sprinklers that kids run through in a suburban neighborhood
That I used to live in
But don’t anymore
Because it was not my home
But this place is
The sum of the warmth floating and coating my skin
And then we lay back on the checkered picnic blanket 
And smile into the clouds
That are white and unmoving
Because this day is peaceful but solid
And I know that am at home
Even though I have never been here
And will never come here
My sadness built up will cower in this procured wonder my brain has woven
To shield and protect me
From the stiff scratchy sheets and metal bed frame
And the tiny plastic tubes 
R    U    N    N    I    N    G
Under my overheated skin
That is pale from the fluorescent bulbs 
Shining in the paneled ceiling  
Which is nowhere close to the house on the bluffs
With the happy seagrass 
And the shining sun 
And the warm water
Where I have never been
And will never go 
But is still my home.  
Please please please let me know what y'all think down in the comments! 


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