United States

moments ago

April 9, 2021

Her eyes open, bright after a restful sleep.
Just yesterday, she woke screaming.
She steps out of bed, smiling at the light
pouring in through the windows.
Last week, she didn't leave her bed at all.
She looks in the mirror, unconcerned by her stretch marks,
the acne, the bags under her eyes.
Hours ago, she frowned at her puffy eyes,
and stifled a sob at those marks.

She steps into the shower, happy to be refreshed.
This is her first shower in weeks.
She feels whole.
She was broken.
She feels new.
She was sick.
She grins at the blue sky, as vibrant as it is.
She let the tears pour as the clouds cried with her.
Her eyes are open now.
They were about to close
just moments ago.



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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    This is really good. I love how you did the past and present, it works so well!!!

    about 1 month ago