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Hi, I'm Allie. I'm doing this for the heck of it. Lets see what happens.

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The Lives of Sam the scissors and Tami tape

May 14, 2015



Sam and Tami knew each other since they were kids. They always had fun and would play hide and seek. Sam wasn't good at hide and seek due to his shape but he didn't mind. When they got older, they worked in a school, helping kids in every level. However, Sam had some issues. His mother (a ruler) hated that she had scissors for a son. She believed that all scissors were evil, so she would beat Sam every night. This caused him to have psychology issues. He was too scared to tell anyone so he never got help. One day at work though, the fire drill went off and scared Sam so much that he went into a rage. He ran all over the school destroying everything. Tami tried to stop him, but in is raging state, Sam saw Tami as his mother and stabbed her in her back with his face. After that, he came to and realized what he had done. He had killed his only friend. After being arrested and tried, he was found guilty of murder and sent to an asylum. He was treated terribly. They would put him in solitary confinement for days if he acted out, the doctors would give him electric shock therapy, they would drain his blood using leeches when had night terrors, which was often. He hated it. He would often think of Tami and how he was so sorry for what happened. He wished he could see her. One day though, he stabbed a doctor, took his keys and ran. After his escape, he ran back to his old apartment. He found the rope he hid under his bed and hung himself in order to be with his best friend again.


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