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you've always thought the sea was magnetic

April 15, 2021

you’ve always thought the sea was magnetic,
the secret place where the sky kisses the sea
has always been just beyond your reach

kinda like stars, the contemporaries of your age
tell you to stretch your fingers and reach for
burning fire and silver moons

but gravity only gives your feet two seconds to fly
before plopping you down on the wet sand where
castles are in your midst

it’s hard to keep trying to succeed when things
pull you down, but remember, without gravity,
you’d never return to what once was

and you know you can't give up
gravity can be beaten in artificial birds
respect the limits, but never stop singing 

if the waves don’t stop trying to bubble over 
the shoreline then you shouldn’t stop reaching
for your dreams; don't bring down the kite

and even when the sun has drained from the world,
the moon lights your way and paints sterling on the waters;
stars don’t always appear in the sky

in this place, you can taste the air
in this place, the world seems large and small
in this place, the waves are infused with hope

you’ve always thought the sea was magnetic, 
and that’s why you’re there again

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