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you've always thought the sea was magnetic

April 8, 2021

If I was a teacher
I’d see the world as 
My students and I would travel back 
To see wars and kings
On the shores of things
That didn’t seem to matter
Minutes before
And then I’d return
Because there’s always more
To study
Like the undeniable beauty of now 

If I was a pilot
I’d see the world
As a blanket of clouds
And proud 
To confound the scientists
And drown 
The whole world with water
I’d fly over
People whose hopes defy 
Thousands of people that I will
Never see
Or know
But what I know 
Is that they’re there
Underneath those clouds
And somehow 
That’s enough

If I was an astronaut 
I’d see the world 
Composed of blues and greens
A spinning globe 
Encircled with galaxies and dreams 
And I’d levitate
And calculate 
Every grateful breath of artificial air
And the stars in my eyes would catch me by surprise
Time and time again
And every single worry and care and fear of 
Not being or not doing enough
Would seem so small
When I’m unable to fall

But maybe I
Don’t have to try
So hard
To be the things I’m not
Cause maybe I
Don’t have to be
A teacher to remember how to wonder
A pilot to stare wide eyed at clouds
An astronaut to know that the world is blue and green and every single color in between

I am a poet
I know this world is a diamond
58 facets means 58 ways to catch light
I’ve surmised 
Billions of people means billions of ways to reflect light
In inextricably beautiful ways
As a poet I know
The sun is living gold
Clouds are scented with lavender
Snow is powdered sugar 
Waves are proud to be the most hopeful substance
You’d think the tide would break their spirits 
But we still hear it
The roar and the stillness of thousands upon thousands of water molecules 

But most importantly 
The world is full of people
Each one unique 
Nothing to tweak
With their own likes and dislikes, passions and fears, triumphs and failings
And now
We are locked in this moment of now
Our roads have diverged for this one moment in trillions

Open your eyes
And see the world

If I were me
I’d see the world
As broken
But I also know it was spoken
Which makes it beautiful
In this place 
In this race
We will see rain
But without the pain
We are blind to the grace
This is spoken word, but I haven't recorded my performance of this piece yet. I wanted to see if there was any feedback or things to tweak before I made the recording. Thanks!

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  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Wow! This was very interesting! Feedback? I'd go in depth more with the nature metaphors and such. I'll leave a review when I get the chance though! :)

    about 1 month ago