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long enough

April 8, 2021


we have been called mentally ill for long enough
we have been kicked out of the house for long enough
we have been refused medical care for long enough
we have been told how far the world has come in accepting us,
when the world is nowhere near where it should be
we have been outlawed for long enough
our flags have been burned for long enough
we have been abused for long enough
we have been put behind bars and dehumanized and killed for
we have lost enough, and yet we still keep losing
giving to a world that never gives back,
our accomplishments benefit something that doesn't have the kindness to benefit us,
and we try and try but nobody hears our calls for our rights, for human rights
we stand together, no matter how far apart
yelling behind our masks that we have suffered for long enough
and the world is changing, but too slowly
and people congratulate themselves for the bare minimum,
and they give themselves pats on the back for the small amount of change that has been made
and it's not just us
black people, asian people, indigenous people, disabled people, and many others have been through enough
we have been through enough
yet it still keeps coming and coming
bullet after bullet,
stone after stone
and we keep fighting because what else can we do
we watch our people get gunned down on the battlefield but there is no time to mourn
just keep going, keep going
there are no bunkers to stop at,
no fort to rest in
just orders to keep going, keep going
because we are still ignored
and they say this land is our land but 
i don't think they are really talking about us,
because they don't protect us
and there is no medic 
for the dead
it has been too long


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  • April 8, 2021 - 7:11am (Now Viewing)

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  • nolongeractive

    This is so pretty!! I love all of the styling.

    30 days ago