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The Longest Line

April 8, 2021


Somewhere deep in the forest, where the asphyxiating atmosphere keeps you alive and breathing, you’ll see the longest line you’ll ever witness. Engulfed in a dense cloud of mist and hidden by purple trees, countless people can be seen waiting in line. You cannot view its genesis, but its limit is clearly discernible. 
Inviting enough to beckon your soul to listen to your curiosity and wait in line. 
My car stuttered to a halt as my eyes were fixed onto the enchanting line, a swarm of men and women, the young and old, the rich and poor, the happy and sad. I couldn’t help but scrutinize.
I got out, the end of the line beckoning my presence, and I stood in line. I waited for a sheer minute, looking at the tall purple trees stretching out into the folds of the deep, dark night. My curiosity took over, and I tapped the shoulder of an old man, a khaki shirt and trousers with ripped seams affixed onto his being.
He looked behind to stare at me. A cloud of mist passed by before I could catch a glimpse of his serene, smiling face. “The clock’s striking three million billion now. I’m so fortunate to receive four-” 
He stopped speaking as he noticed my confused expression, soul-searching the man for answers. “You’re new to this?”
I nodded, although disorderly.
He looked behind me, perhaps to glance at my car and question my income. “Oh, lady, you should have kept driving.”
“Excuse me?”
“You should have kept driving. Are you ready to meet your maker?”
“My what?”
“You’re fortunate, too. I’m receiving four pounds of Good today. The thing those nasty living ones call heaven. Your aura is breathtaking. I’d say more than five is certain.”
“I’m sorry? I-”
“Three million billion-plus five. It isn’t a bad time to give up. Your maker shall decide, however. Your maker shall decide. I’d say about four million years more to go until Saddie receives her judgment. Wouldn’t want her to be stuck with Bad for another ten thousand years..”
“My life…”
I turned around, mist swirling around the Volkswagen before I caught a glimpse of it, struck against a still-green tree, my face bloody and smiling inside the car, and steam flooding out in quick manipulation. I checked my neck, only to find it broken.

The clock struck three million billion-plus six.


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