Jar of Us

April 13, 2021

Every house on this street is ours
All bathed in the same light
All belonging to the same street

And not even aware of it.

Every sky across the world is the same
A different colour every day
A different message in the heavens

But the same canvas and palette.

Every little light is a star
Whether it's a window with the light left on
Or a glowing starfish in the sand

They're all part of our night sky. 

Every person you pass is a person
Do you ever stop to wonder where they're going?
Do you ever watch the person beside you in a traffic jam?

Maybe they're listening to the same song.

I could stand on top of the tallest building in the world
And see every messy, beautiful person late for work
I could put them all in a jar and see every colour in one place.

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