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Why Must You Hate People for Loving?

April 7, 2021


There's more to love than what you know 
I know so many people who police love 
Love, by its very nature shouldn't be policed 
It just doesn't make sense 
Please tell me this makes sense
It's the pull that makes people run to their lovers 
It's the hum that buzzes in one's ears when one cannot stop 
Thinking about their dearest 
So where in this world of turmoil did someone get the idea...
That one should kill over another's love 
Why would you say it's wrong to love another 
Of the fairer sex 
Sappho new better 
If you are someone who would tell me 
"You cannot love her" 
I am ashamed of you 
Someone once said that they didn't hate those who 
Love in a way she didn't approve
But she couldn't agree with them on it 
It begs the question... 
Must you really stop the elated feeling?
Must you hate me for wanting wholly to be around her?
Must you point out that you can say what you want?
Must you say you are right? 
So many have loved with all their hearts
And so many have hated for to whom we give our hearts 
And I just want you to know this, once and for all 
It's none of your business; just leave people be 


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