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Everyone is welcome here!! ALL beliefs or arguments, can be spoken without judgment! I will respect everything you have to say! :D I love you guys!! <3

I’m the treasurer for the Cult of the Crunch, lead by (sk)eyesofocher (contact her for details!) :D

And please check out my IRL friend SamRose (She is really good writer!) I’m also collaborating with writergirl79! XD check out or story ‘Star Keepers’ :)

Cult of the crunch prompt!! (Footnotes if you don’t know what that is XD)

April 7, 2021


Make a poem that describes your personal ritual is when you feel down. 

The familiar comfort of that one upbeat song that plays as That lifts my heart, trying to forget all my stress and take care of my self. 
Getting ready for the day in my favorite dress and clipping my hair up in weird ways to make it dry and out of my face so that it won’t get fuzzy.
laying a blanket out on the grass in the sun with a book in hand as I breath in the worm sun. 
Snacking on some popcorn, and laughing when my dog comes any lays down beside me, too social to not be with me every second.
And to not think, and just take a break.
Okay! If anyone is wonder what the cult of crunch is, it’s a little “cult” that (sk)eyesofocher created! If you look at my profile you will se the I’m the treasurer for the cult. *Flexes badge clipped to shirt* XD well it’s a cult where we enjoy croutons, caffeine, poems on Saturdays, and glow Sticks! If anyone wants to join, contact (sk)eyesofocher! 


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