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Jemma Manela


May 14, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


    “Come on! They’re right behind us!.” Makenna yelled, pulling Jamie, her long-time friend, towards the end of the hall, that led outside. She could hear the guards’ footsteps pounding behind them. She looked over her shoulder quickly and saw the prison guards chasing them, or at least trying to.

    “Wait. They aren’t gonna catch us. Don’t worry!” Jamie panted, laughing. How she was having fun with this Makenna would never know.

    “You know what? The flashing red lights and siren thing make it like we’re at one of those weird parties you used to sneak into before we were sent to prison. Except this would be a very boring club, it would have grey walls.”

    “Not the time, Jamie!” They were almost out of the hell hole that was had been their home for the last year and a half, getting closer and closer to their freedom and happiness. Makenna could practically feel the sun’s rays on her skin again. She hadn’t felt them for her whole stay in this prison because she was deemed as a ‘high security threat’ by the prison guards, making them lock her up deep below ground. They wouldn’t even let her see Jamie for more than two days each month. How they managed to plan their escape in such a short amount of time was beyond her.

    “Makenna!” Jamie’s shout alerted her to the guards coming towards them from an upcoming side hallway, quite a far distance away. Going to be free

    “Damn it!” Makenna frantically glanced around the hallway, still running, and saw that there was an open door, barely noticeable coming up. She pulled on Jamie’s arm to make her turn back around room to stare at the guards chasing them.

    “Ow. What?” She asked, wincing and holding her shoulder with the opposite hand. Makenna discreetly nodded towards the door and saw understanding dawn on her face.

    “Oh. Okay. But that will still lead into another hallway after that, so how are we gonna lose them?” She glanced towards the upcoming room. a couple more feet. 5,4,3,2, now

    “We’re gonna split up.” With that she pushed Jamie towards the door, ignoring her gasp. She continued running towards the upcoming guards.

“Lock the door, I’ll see you later!” Mackenna called back to Jamie. She heard the door slam and the tell-tale sounds of a lock slipping into place. Makenna turned around briefly and ran backwards to see some of the guards break off, chasing her and begin to bang on the door Jamie had locked and yell for her to come out. Suddenly, the door opened and guards rushed in. With horror on her face, she saw Jamie get pulled out of the room by guards, with restraints on. She nearly stopped to help her, but Jamie’s shout made her continue.

“Go! Keep going! Free yourself!”

With hesitancy, she turned back to the guards she was running towards, who were guarding the exit of the prison.

“I’ll get out of here for you, Jamie,” she whispered and began to plan out her attack. After all, after doing 12 years of martial arts, she should be able to do some pretty cool stunts, which she could. She took in her surroundings; there was a ledge on the side of the wall, peeking out from a turn, there were chains peeking out from outside of the door that lead to the road on the side of the prison, she could also faintly see the moon in the distance.

When she reached the guards, which she now saw were five tall men, she attacked. Using the ledge, she flipped over the first guard, landing on the second one. She grabbed his arms, which were flung up in an attempt to throw her off of his shoulders, and punched him in the face with his own fists. Once he was knocked out on the floor, she faced the remaining three guards. They were all standing around her, blocking any way of escape. The one on the far left charged her next. She watched him until he was in the perfect position, then, she struck. She leaned to the side and tripped him with her leg while he was running towards her, causing him to fall to the ground in a heap of limbs with the guard that he collided with. Four down one to go

Makenna was face to face with the last guard, her only obstacle to freedom. She saw him reach towards his taser and smirked. Then, he charged her. She whirled to the right and using the wall, ducked under his arm, causing him to punch the wall. He screamed in pain and bent over, clutching his hand. She laughed then pushed him to the ground with a grunt. This dude is heavy.

With the last guard down she ran past them into the darkness of the shadows with a happy laugh.

Finally free



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