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if yall ever want to talk, my insta is gabiiconnor :)

i'm secretly not so secretly addicted to coffee and long night drives

also remember to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and don't skip meals! :)

go check out my twin, Rohan's Defender. she's literally so talented and so much fun to talk to!!

wishing you the best

April 8, 2021


I wish you the best
but don't read my last couple texts
I know its obvious
that I'm not over you
but I'm hoping the 3am thoughts
won't be as bad now
that you've moved on
I've been meaning to tell you
the time we had was precious
but if you're happy
I'm happy too

I guess what adele said
was the truth
sometimes it lasts 
and sometimes it hurts
but it's never really over
is it?


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