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feeling like a memory

April 7, 2021


I know we haven't met
but I know your vibe
it's like we were together
in another life
deja vu?
when I meet you
when I run my fingers through your hair
for the first time
do you recognize my energy?
people can't see my eyes
when I smile
I can't see yours
when you grin
it's probably an unfair cliche
when I say
you complete me
but when you look at me
and say "I think
you were in a dream i had"
you recognize my energy
they will say
oh, they're at it again
but they don't know
it's just our first time
first time - iann dior
heard this song and immediately knew i had to write about it and this person. have an amazing day :)


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  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    Re: I know! I mean, if my favorite number is 2 or 7, what difference does that make?
    But yes, I love them all in different ways, and i want to meet them so much!!
    No I haven’t watched those, but they sound calming! Tae’s voice is stunningly beautiful, I’m telling you. Maybe I’ll look that up! Thank you (again)!

    15 days ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    Re: lol, I’ve taken quite a few! XD XD it is embarrassingly exciting, lol. I kept getting mixed answers, but I didn’t like every quiz... some of them had random questions. So the first two I took I got Jimin, then I actually JK more times.... also J-Hope and Tae, XD. But I think I decided Jimin as the one who would be my boyfriend, because I got him the first and second time (which those quizzes I took like three weeks apart). And also my sister thought probably Jimin for me, and obviously she knows me more than some random quiz. XD But either JK or Jimin apparently would be my boyfriend, and J-Hope would be my bestie....

    15 days ago