Do what makes you happy and be yourself

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There's no greater joy than finding your own happiness. Everyone is gifted but not everyone sees it in time. What I want to say to you: try, make mistakes and learn from them, sooner or later you will see the light in front of you that shines brighter than the others - seek it and never let it go


April 7, 2021

Verse 1
Wandering through the empty fields
Homesick for a place I've never been
Afraid of being left alone,
All I want is to be loved

I wonder what I'd be 
If I could just be me

Shadows running in the wild
Can't figure out what's on my mind
If there's no tomorrow left,
Would there be something to regret?
Raindrops like the waterfalls
Can't see sun all through the clouds
I just might nee something more,
Give me a handful of hope

Verse 2
The right side always has the wrong
They have been lying to me, I ask: "How long?"
Past and the future are just what we imagine
A thoughtful decision quickly turns to tragic



Bridge (x2)
Give me hope in a silver dream
Show me mercy if that's what I lean on
Say the words that you truly mean
And don't look back, don't look back

Chorus (x2)
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