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this land is your land (edit)

April 16, 2021


this land is your land
but is it my land
you fight for your rights
but i am stranded
you ignore my calls
my pleas for justice
and i wonder
was this land truly made for me
we march with our family
we wave our pride flags
but in twelve countries
we would be stoned to death
its not a choice
it never has been
this land is a sliver of what it's meant to be
i'd love to walk through
that big old highway 
but apparently to do so
you need to make it to the skyway
and i've been told
that's not where i'm going
is there a land that's made for me
you pat yourself on the back
cause the world's come "so far"
but for those who aren't you
our life is a wildfire
you say you're accepting
but we have way to far to go
we haven't even started, don't you see
this land is not yet for me
there are many 
who have it much worse
people of different races
or those of different religions
we stand together
because we are all we have
this land is not made for us
you're quick to say that 
"all lives matter"
but you don't think that
for other matters
"pro life" my foot
you only care about you
this land is only what you see
this land 
was made for you, not me



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  • V-Rose

    So... here is a chapter for Flying on Broken Wings... that took forever for me to get to. Let me know what you think about it!

    20 days ago