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“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Who am I, if not a culmination of what others want me to be?

April 6, 2021


Sometimes Lana didn’t know who she was. Her identity, her purpose in life, was supposed to be something that was already a part of her. But over and over again she circled back to the same question- who am I, if not a culmination of what others want me to be? People told her to look within herself and that she would find her true purpose there. But even on the rare occasions that she managed to push aside the expectations of others, all Lana found, at the core of herself, was an empty shell. She wasn’t a person, but a thing. A thing that existed only to listen to others tell her what she should want from life, what should make her happy, what she should do. Lana felt like a shadow. A shadow made up of no physical being but instead of the expectations and wants of others. Lana felt like she was breathing in ash and everyone else was telling her that it was fairy dust and Lana was so numb that she couldn’t tell the difference anymore. So when she looked deep inside herself, expecting to find a purpose, all she found was pile of ash that should have been fairy dust and an identity that didn’t exist.


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  • Just_A_Memory

    :Pensive emoji: I feel like this piece is about me? How did you know?! Jk, jk. It's a really well done piece though. You captured the feelings and thoughts perfectly

    about 1 month ago