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The beauty of the world

April 6, 2021

The many things we know
How many do we not?
From oceans to the core;
The furthest star out far;
There's always something new.

Each and ev'ry work of art
Hidden from our eyes,
Will go unnoticed still
For many years to come,
Out of reach, hard to find.

These works of brilliance,
These many hidden gems,
Inconspicuous, undiscovered,
Wondrous masterpieces
Thriving, hiding still.

Swirling radiant sunsets,
Galaxies and DNA,
The giant squirrel of malabar,
Authored secrets, hidden knowledge,
The wonders of the world.

When looking with closed eyes,
We'll never see the maker. 
The brilliant author,
The wondrous painter,
He who made these, made us all.


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