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April 30, 2021

Who are we as Homosapiens and why are we here?
Why were we created for the earth if all do is pillage and rape her?
What are we doing here and where are we heading in the near future?
When are we going to realize our actions are costly to the point of no return?
How are we "intelligent" if all we bring is decimation and tears?

Who is human but enjoys the animal massacre known as “hunting trips?”
Why is human culture so wonderful yet we have profoundly perverse underlayers?
What is human nature exactly? How do we define it and if we do, how did we come to that conclusion?
Where is human society going? Is it lost, is it found and why do we deem it to be so profound?
When are we going to be human again?
How are we human at all?

Who is evolution benefiting: Us; evolution is benefiting us
Why is evolution evolving us to be as we are? Are we some adaptations gone wrong? We must be 
Where is evolution taking us?
When is evolution going to hurt us for the better? Why hasn't it already? Is evolution just for the success of the species?
How is evolution doing the world any good by having evolved its civilized earthlings into destructive monsters?
Who is going to stop this?

Why do we continually gaslight ourselves into thinking that something is going to save us? Nothing is unless we stop violating her and begin with humble beginnings again.
What is going to happen when we reach the point of no return: Death; Destruction; Chaos is going to ascend upon humanity and we're going to finally die out and give the earth its long-awaited wish. 
Where exactly is the point of no return? Is it when we have a global dead sea? or when all the plant life goes, or when we only have concrete jungles instead of beautiful flora and fauna? Where?
When are we going to smash into that inevitable wall up ahead?
How will we deal with an actual apocalypse that we couldn't have prepared for by our watching classic sci-fi movies?

How are we "intelligent" if all we bring is decimation and tears?


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