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April 6, 2021


Crying is an ugly business
red face and tear stains
wet eyelashes and puffy cheeks
especially when you're sobbing
letting go of everything
you've held onto
what you've worked towards
for years
but when the knock sounds
you walk through the door
the stains are gone
the eyelashes are dry
a different world
when you're around
I don't have to let go
because you're here
to catch me if I fall
to support me if I can't walk
to wipe my tears if I cry
I don't have to let go
because in this place
you tell me
it's ok to fight for who you are
it's ok to put yourself first
it's ok to not know you
                            or your dream yet
I don't cry alone in this world
because you hold my hand
catching me when I fall
supporting me when I can't walk
wiping my tears when I cry
"we'll never walk alone
I feel your warmth when we're hand in hand"
crying is an ugly business
but when you walk through the door
it becomes another struggle
you make me proud of
ok so i started writing this to portray how easy it is to change yourself, but then i ended writing it about the person in my life who makes me feel the opposite of lonely, whatever that word is.
sorry it's so long, i was inspired lol. have an amazing day my loves :)


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  • nolongeractive

    This is so beautiful and I love all of the meaning and signifigance behind all of your work, it is simply breathtaking!! Amazing job! Your songs are wayyyyy better than mine for sure!

    about 1 month ago