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hi everyone! i haven't posted in forever (almost a month haha) so i figured i'd try to post something.

and i stare at the pieces of myself buried in six feet of snow

April 6, 2021


the sole indication i have not lost myself (yet)
are the remnants of unspoken words, ones i stumble
upon every so often at those dimly lit intersections,
and it's a shame that it's dark here,
as i cannot grasp ideas i do not see clearly.

i've resorted to letting my thoughts roam the corridors
of my mind, and search for the slimmest possibility of freedom,
while i stare foolishly at those words, strung together
with ribbons of frost and fastened on wreaths that adorn each grave,
the ones which mark every forgotten piece of myself.

they are scattered throughout the frost laden ground,
each layer of ice bringing me further from the surface,
from the gateway where reality and fantasy meet. the floor
is so thickly coated that freedom is merely a distant memory,
and i slip at every attempt to see all the way to sanity. 

i tell myself i am not to blame, that everyone would
have tried to seek haven within the snow globe's
winter wonderland, the one sold on sale with the promise
that it would solve all that was going wrong in my life, but i forgot
that glass shatters and now my pleas are buried six feet below the surface,
with only my fractured state of mind for company.

i think i could force myself to get back up when i slip,
but perhaps i don't want to today. i've surely lost grasp of time,
as after i tell myself 'i'll do it tomorrow' for weeks on end, it becomes much
longer than just 'today', and i might've been here for hours
of years cause that's not clear but i know i've been here for much too long.

perhaps i am merely afraid of lifting my hands out of the snow,
as i would have to gather the frozen fragments of who i used to be
and piece them together. i would have to pick up the pen i buried somewhere
next to one of those graves and write an unedited version
of myself for all to see. perhaps it is easier to stay here,
because it's better than facing reality,
but i'm now quite certain i am both
captor and captive in this prison of mine.
uGh writer's block. is it supposed to last for a month? i've been feeling pretty unmotivated in general lately, maybe that's why...idk lol.
this is kinda dramatic (it's not about me but just some ideas i guess), and scattered and so unorganized, but i suck when it comes to editing. also, this was super forced heh
oh and ik the format's a mess, sorry.
i think part of my writer's block is because i've stuck the idea that i can only post really good things on here and then my inner critic getting mad at myself if i write something not considered good, so i just stop writing altogether and it's a pretty unhealthy mindset so ya know, i'm just posting something to try to overcome that, even if it's not good. but maybe that's my mindset interfering again so i'll stop typing ;)
but anyways, hola everyone. i'm maybe back? ish? 
feel free to interpret this however you want to. it's pretty jumbled and if i tried to explain my interpretation, my footnotes would be intimidatingly long, cause i'm bad at summarizing stuff. 
have a great day :)


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  • remi'sgotinkstains

    this piece I can really relate to . . . in so many ways. my favorite line: "winter wonderland, the one sold on sale with the promise" . . . i just like the visual of it being sold on sale at a garage sale of some sort or something. I love all your poetry so much.

    about 1 month ago
  • remi'sgotinkstains

    hi useless this is Remi . . . it's been awhile. My computer wouldn't let me back onto the writetheworld and so I've haven't been able to have access for a long time. Very excited to read your work and others and talk to you. how r u doing? <3 <3 :)

    about 1 month ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Thank youuuuu! Aha yes :P And I will tryyyyyy! Lol this is 101 then :P

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: ahhh it’s taken me ages to reply but - oh? - looks like it’s Friday *and* you have 100 comments. I sense a post coming on hmm? You promised uwu plus I don’t think I can take the suspense any longer! I might perish from this need to read :c
    Hah wouldn’t it be great if I said encouraging stuff like “Hope you’re feeling the writing vibes and it’s going great! Remember to stay hydrated sksskks” Nope hehe. I’m not kidding about the annoying vibes. They will arrive in hordes and not even the police guys from ET can stop them!!
    But yeah, I completely get it when the words just feel stuck. I guess if I had any advice it would be to just post anyways, and get the feedback and love :D

    Speaking of, I got two reviews which I assume came from your scheme, so that you very much!! They were really helpful and motivational - I hope to develop the series after my exams finish and the feedback will be super useful c:

    yep I thought that too! But I think a fresh start is fair enough, and I’m glad you do too c:

    Well I have been known for my exceptional palate when it comes to the art of language. Yes, but darling you’re thinking too small. Your work should be engraved onto the surface of the moon, in at least five translations and illustrated by banksy.
    Muahahha then even the aliens will think twice about invading a world so fine it produced this, and will thereupon bow down to you with joyous tears of adulation, proclaiming you their leader. (I’ll be manager c:)

    *pretends that she doesn’t also walk around in a cloak in the hopes that the owls will spot her more easily*
    Yup, devastating. I don’t think I can bear to remember how great my hopes were before they were utterly, remorselessly crushed.
    Like a grape *agonised wail*

    Ah so maybe not so switchy switchy, but more of a “Let’s just get through this” if she ends up not liking finance. It’s basically maths ahah right? There must be something appealing about the logic of it all.
    Oh yes, we must definitely be careful not to call our servants serv- ah man! Pfft I’m sure nobody heard that *awkward grin and wave at the subjects*

    Ah nooo ;-;
    But you mustn’t let that stop you! I keep telling myself that I’m gonna get really into a sport but I never do rip
    But I can imagine you looking so cool kicking and chopping and acing that dojang (and plus, it will be a useful skill as a leader of the universe)

    Ahhh I am muy far mi amigo :D
    My legs just don’t want to flatten and to be honest, I can sympathise with them haha
    Poor things having to carry me around

    Ahhh get ready for thisss!!
    Twenty-thrice :D
    Oh wow man you went all out with that one!
    Uh... have a useless day??
    Wait okay

    The sun will come hip hip hooray
    You’ll do a post and it’ll be great
    Now there’s not much left to say
    So just have a use(less) day :)

    *obviously with Renaissance flute music and jaunty dancing as I sing off-key :D*

    5 months ago
  • vastexpansion

    Re: Thank youuu your kind words warm my heart

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    Chapter 35 for T&R is FINALLY out!

    5 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Re: Awsh thank you for that sweet comment! I hope your short/story/mini novel is going well and that you've been able to make progress with your mindset and you're writing more. And yesss, you're right time has gone by really really fast. I just look back and it seems I've done nothing and made no progress in the last five months. Ugh. Well, that's me with my negative mindset.
    Hope online school is going better for you! Trust me, I know how online school can be really disheartening. My tip would be to make sure you don't forget to take time to rest and recharge. I usually take a small nap once school ends and then after I wake up, finish my hw before I spend time reading or writing or just doing something fun. Just try to fall into a comforting and recharging routine.
    High school can be daunting, but I'm sure you'll get through just fine. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk or just need someone to listen to you. :) Hope you're doing well! Sending love! <3<3<3

    5 months ago
  • mirkat

    re: thanks, useless! really appreciate your comment. yeah... feels like everything's ending sigh... i actually expanded on that poem a ton, changed a few things. might submit it if i find a good place! im doing okay just bombed a math test so.... ghfiwosdkcjdska my math grade is already tanked so this test is not going to be goodddd so angry at my brain rn you dont even know lol itsok ill survive. so yeah soing goodish. and you? <3<3<3

    5 months ago
  • remi'sgotinkstains

    re: thank you yeah i liked the glass bit myself hehe! ;) I know 3 years is kind of a long time to have a crush on someone. Just scared to break my fantasies. How's all with you? All the love, Remi.

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    RE: NP!
    lol :P

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life


    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: tick tock my friendddd. Upon the morn of Friday, should the piece have not appeared, I will send evil brainwaves to your little brother, causing him to annoy you relentlessly and without an ounce of mercy or compassion for the entire day. (He’ll call in sick and follow you around your school - dw I’ve thought it through.) muhahaha c:<
    LOL that looks like a piNeaPpLe
    no no don’t worry. Just me being really sketchy and then not specific enough because of an attempt to be more sketchy... :D
    It was about this user who kept copying comments. To be honest I shouldn’t have said anything, because at least a comment shows thought and good intentions, even if it’s not specific. (I keep making promises to myself to not interfere with trivial matters, and then I do lol).

    Anywayyyyysss that was an utter work of art! Tear down the Louvre and replace it with this! If this was the teaser for your Friday piece, I think I might die when I read it!!
    “The safe haven some call a couch” and “Dun dun dun” such stunning word choices. Indubitably the future great playwright of your time, like Shakespeare but American and with your modern muse of cereal-related debate.
    Ummm but is it or is it not one of our steps towards world domination though? Because I sense potential >:)
    Yes, a true masterpiece full of determined flare and passionate touch.

    Ahhh nooooo you can’t tell them, Elsa!! They’ll shun you for almost killing Anna and then almost killing her again later on :c
    I can relate though. I got so mad at my friends when they told me I want gonna get a Hogwarts letter (hey owl, if you’re out there, you’re doing a pretty lousy job, but better late than never, right?) I’m pretty sure I cried o-0

    Ah but Disney is super talented! The jokes for the kids, the jokes for the adults, the songs (I mean “The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside” and then getting that to rhyme with “Tried.”) gotta give them a lot of credit yanno.

    Ah that’s good! Approved by a parent means it shouldn’t be dreadful! Also, if the school offers a range of options, there will always be a chance to change subjects. So if she’s really unhappy doing them, you could encourage her to talk to someone and swap (might mean a term of catch up or something, but if she enjoys it more, then it’ll be worth it.)

    Hmm okay we could settle on being nice to the subjects. We wouldn’t want a revolution. We’d have to set up some reward schemes and some pensions, and a good health system, but apart from that, we can take the taxes to build more rocket ships c:

    Ah so you will have a natural affinity for taekwondo! That’s super cool! Go kick some bad guys!!
    Noooo! It seems everyone can/could do a split except me! My sister delights in rubbing that in my face. Holiday to the beach? “Ellie get off the rug so I can do the splits!” *sigh* I’m trying to train myself to get more flexible though... *that cringey emoji face*

    Oh dear hahah I said that?.?.?
    Let’s not even go there :D
    Ah what you lacked in elaborate explanation, you made up for your impeccable spelling of supercalifragiletsnotgoforthisnextbitbecauseit’swhereigetallmuddledocious.
    So I’ll go for ventunourth with spectacular for the ending (sounds like a cluedo guess hehe).
    Have a spectacular day!!

    5 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Oh dang! I knew I forgot somebody. It's okay, how about you can do my reviews and I will find a couple others to review. Does that work? XD

    5 months ago
  • nikolowrites

    re: Hey! Thanks for the tip! Anyway, it's beautiful! Keeps slaying!

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    re: awww thank you so much!! I don't write stuff like that much, so your comment was really encouraging!! <3

    5 months ago
  • Nikki

    ahhhhhh this is so prettyyyyyy! love it <333 also i hear you on having a writers block :(
    re: oh thank you so muchhhhh! that is actually the whole vibe i was going for! im so happy the last two lines helped! :)
    ahaha im happy you like my change of bio! cuz that is just so so true! why is drawing two lines so hard?!
    yes im doing alright. had been pretty bad from 3 weeks, but im much better now! my vacations just started 2 days ago, so im slightly overwhelmed with the entire month to pass. how are you doing?

    5 months ago
  • remi'sgotinkstains

    re: ok, now it makes sense. And thank you. Yeah, I've been really struggling, therefore I've been disconnected from my computer and devices for a while. All the love--Remi! :)

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: (stopping to say I can’t help but notice that a certain user posted the exact same comment on my piece hmm). Not that I’m snooping - it was just to say that 85 (now 86 ig) comments is more than enough and you simply must post again before you reach 100. Tick tock hmm :D
    Agh yes you must save me from dying a slow painful death of longing and heartache. I don’t know how much more I can bear ;-; *woeful sniffs*

    Yes make a prologue! Maybe you could make the worst prologue you can possibly think of, then write a prologue you’d want to take forward and work on, and from the difference there’ll be less pressure for perfection. Simple! (ish)

    Ahh omg tangled was definitely my favourite I think, but who can deny the majestic glory of frozen? :D
    Omg yes it was let it go, for the first time in forever and in summer that got me singing like crazy haha. Omg that sounds so cool! Haha we only had the grey slush, so clearly my frozen fractals were not quite as powerful as yours and your friends’ :p
    Ah yes, that makes sense. I suppose Disney peaks at that kind of age, though I’ve watched a few again and I’m really impressed with the jokes they put in there for the parents.

    Agh oops I forget what I’ve said wayyy too often hehe.
    But yes, we still have many many years to build our stages of class/city/country/continent/planet/universe domination.

    Oh danggggg that’s not great. Hopefully there was also some interest behind the choice and it wasn’t completely for you. I do know a few of my friends who have completely changed their interests since the middle school years, so it could happen.
    Lolll gotta keep the old English going if I’m gonna be the next Shakespeare, right? Or does that mean I’m supposed to make new words? Hah I’m not sure whether people would appreciate them, but I suppose we could enforce new words after we’ve conquered the world anyways sooooo >:p

    Oooh taekwondo!! I’ve always though martial arts would be so cool, but never actually signed up. I guess because I’m not one of those people that can coordinate what their body is doing enough hah. You should see me in dance!

    Okay you succeeded in both confusing and impressing me simultaneously. Am I on 20?? Agh I’ve got to follow that up??
    Well uh
    What you did there was pretty spectacular. One could sat magical, but not quite the whole magical because I’m gonna beat it and also I was really way too confused to appreciate it all haha
    So mag
    I just watched monty python holy grail, and they have the nights that say “Ni” (wow a stretch but true)
    And I honestly have no idea what number I’m on, and what could be the perfect word to show how unsure I am? “If.” And, too be doubly unsure, said backwards.
    I think of twenty as two tens, and then a ten is like a dime, and then dime is basically like a cent, but multiple cents, so cence.
    So there we go: magnificence
    Aka how great that was :D
    Though I guess a little unoriginal hah ;D

    Omg “Jerk” haha
    My sister would say something similar, except she went through a phase where she would constantly call me a “Big fat meanie,” so she’d probably go for that, if only for the nostalgia. Haha yes we’ve gotta love our siblings c:

    Have a *magnificent* day :D
    I really need to expand my vocab out of “Great” and “Amazing” haha

    5 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is such an amazing, strong, and powerful piece of writing! I really admire all of the word choices and I cannot get over the strength that you have with your descriptions. I cannot wait to see what else you write because you are such an amazing writer!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Ofc <333

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: nooooo!! You must post something!! I think I might die of the suspense otherwise :c haha
    Yes ngl I was unreasonably proud of that winter line, and in all my drafts after I’d thought of it, it was always the first thing I put down hehe
    Ooh good luck with the reading test! And know that if you post, I will be there to flood you with positivity and I’ll point out all the amazing parts that I love :D
    Wow though tangled was serioussllly goood!! *All those dayyyysss watching from the window all that timmmeee outside looking in*
    Belting and at last I see the light should be the next pina colada c:

    Oh my goodness yes!! Multi-planetary domination is in motion! I can make them all bow down to me with my terrible singing, and maybe the aliens will all like British accents because that’s a thing apparently haha. Who ever said there wasn’t power in our voices?
    And from there, we combine all the planets we’ve conquered, and steal all their tech ideas like rocket ships that travel really really fast, and bam we take over the universe!

    Nooooo that must be awful! :c
    Next year, I’m not taking any subjects that my friends is taking, because I’m going down the liberal arts route, and she’s doing sciences. It’s gonna be super sad.
    But, positivity! You’re in the same hs still! And you’re gifted! And you’ve managed thus far with narry a lesson together (okay stop to admire that word, narry lolll) and you never know you might have “Homeroom” or sport or that one where they tell you all the facts of the world like how to open a bank account.

    Ah no! Curse those Spanish lessons where I never paid attention! Ummmmm disevitince is clearly the winner here though c:

    Agh no! All your riches! You must curse your brother eternally by making a tiny tray of brownies and eating them all in front of him. Or maybe make a big tray and take them all into school for your friends. Or make a big tray and eat them all hehe the effect will be the same. The smell will cause the greatest suffering imaginable. Man I’m craving brownies now hehe.
    You too, have a chocolatey, gooey warm fudgy day!
    Ellie :D

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Well you totally deserve it! (well you deserve more but oh wellll) All good :D

    5 months ago
  • ~Zoe~

    re: thank youu

    5 months ago
  • McK13

    This is gorgeous writing!! I love all of the wonderfully original metaphors you intertwine! The entire last stanza was literally everything!!!! I love these lines so much "perhaps it is easier to stay here, /because it's better than facing reality, /but i'm now quite certain i am both/captor and captive in this prison of mine". You did such a great job and the title immediately grasped my attention!! Re: aww thank you! You're so sweet :) And I'm so glad you enjoyed my song lyrics and thought they ended on a positive note. I try to do that kind of frequently so it's more uplifting and encouraging to readers so I'm super happy that you noticed! Thanks again!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Lol tysm <3 Aaaaaayyyyyyyy you're 2 away from 100! That's AWESOME! Early congratulations from me UwU

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    re: yepppppp

    5 months ago
  • ~Zoe~

    re: ah thanks so much!!
    and wow, that word is amazing :) Thanks for sharing!
    Yes, I'm doing much better now, thanks for asking <3

    5 months ago
  • psithurism

    re: Thanks :)

    5 months ago
  • ~Zoe~

    This is beautiful! The imagery is incredible, I love it!

    5 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    This is a clever metaphor paired with brilliant writing, just makes me say wow! The idea itself is intriguing and the imagery with which you describe it really lures in the reader. I love how the idea is specific too: "six feet of snow"
    "they are scattered throughout the frost laden ground,
    each layer of ice bringing me further from the surface,
    from the gateway where reality and fantasy meet. the floor" - I really love this and the line break here adds a whole other dimension to your poem!
    "but i'm now quite certain i am both
    captor and captive in this prison of mine." - The ending is utterly stunning!
    I also just came out of a small hiatus today. I didn't mean to take time off wtw but a lot of things got in the way. But I'm back now. :)
    First of all, you should know that you're a brilliant writer and if you ever need any help with your writing, please feel free to reach out to me. Second of all, I know exactly what you mean. Even I was struggling with the same thing a month or so ago, worrying about publishing my best pieces only. But then I realised that WtW is a platform to grow not to perform. The real writing competition is out there when we're older and we're still young and learning our way around our words. This is just how I think, but I hope it helps you too. Hope you're doing well. <3
    Re: Thank you for your sweet comment on my piece! <3

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    re: Yw lol

    5 months ago
  • Emma_Caylie

    Re: Thanks you for the comments :) It was so nice to hear you related to my song. Glad I'm not the only one who feels like that haha. I put way too much of my self worth into grades.

    5 months ago
  • Emma_Caylie

    Wow. This is absolutely incredible. I usually do not even like poetry but this had me hooked. I also really related to it. You have a real talent!

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Aw thank you so much! Oh thanks! I like your old one UwU

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: agh the tension!! I’ve taken so long to reply rip because exams are a little crazy right now, and I keep staring at the copies of “The Bell Jar” in my form room ahah. Well it’s good that you’ve gotten the necessary long credit bit out of the way, because now there’s nothing that could possibly stop you from posting and feeling the wrath of my compliments :D (lol I couldn’t think of a word other than wrath so we’ll pretend it suits the situation well). You definitely won’t disappoint me!!

    Ah yes ye olde wolde English vocabularie :p
    ‘Right there guvnah?
    Hah my favourite is trousers. I can never get over the way Americans say “pants.” Hehe

    Haha I compleettteelly get that. Literally I will see the friendship bloom like that kind of golden flower thing in tangled (okay idk it’s been a while since I watched that ahah). But hey, I guess ya gotta nourish ta flourish? I like to nourish by grinning like a maniac and hoping that makes me look approachable...

    Oh yesss that’s quite the plan! I sense evil genius from you too ;D
    First you go in their team for the match, then you pass to them a few times, and soon you’ll be partnering up with them and finally wOrlD doMinATion! — *cough* oops — and finally the magic of friendship! Seems like a pretty clever tactic though c:

    Yes the first few meetings for me are super awkward. But I’ve got quite a few classes away from my extroverted bffff so I’ve had to grow a little in independence agh. It’s cool because we have the same mutual close friends, and together we have this really vast and diverse network now because she does a load of science subjects, and I do some more artsy ones. (Joint world domination?)

    Ah yes a mighty choice there, and it does pose a challenge, but the number master surely cannot be defeated. With a last-minute fake-left and twist right feint, Ellie reaches into French territory with...
    (Is that a food? Hah)

    Ah well I learnt the hard way not to play with my brother when he decided to see what would happen if he tipPed A bUcKEt of lAva on my wooden house :c

    Agh lel back to school now
    Have a great morning! :D

    5 months ago
  • Priscilla Doran

    OH MY GOSH i am having writer's block too T_T. Anyway, this piece is great! The first sentence and the words "freedom" really jumped at me :D

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: man you haven’t posted it yet? You can’t keep me on edge like this! Agh yes though I will immensely enjoy reading every line, I won’t scrutinise it for errors or anything, and I’m sure nobody else would (unless in a review hehe). Anyways, that’s what a second draft is for, right? *starts chant getting you to post*

    Woah that description is honestly so accurate! Evil genius? Aw you’ll make me blush :D
    Yeah like “I have a packet/box of cereal” or “I have a packet of crisps.” I suppose the first is sliiightly less common, but a cereal container is basically a packet, and it has puzzle questions on it hah.
    Hah we just call those the ingenious “topic test.”

    Ah yes the old sitting in the corner reading a book thing. I say old, but that trick is timeless c:
    Ugh YES I’m a wreck around anyone I haven’t spent like 100h with and talked a few times before. I guess 100h isn’t too much at school - if we only share one lesson, that’s still just 40 weeks. Oh wait, a year haha. Ah for me that includes waiters and waitresses :p
    I’m working on my confidence gradually though ahhh

    Oh wow that takes me baccckkk. I just watched it and omg I think I died!! How could I forget long pen and apple pineapple??
    Oh get ready for this because it’s gonna whack twelice oUtoFthEpaRk

    Yes agh too personal Linda :D

    Awh that seems so cute!! It’s good that you get to keep seeing each other. Ahh you’ll be so ready for grade 9 btw c:
    Umm I think so. We don’t call them AICE I don’t think, but I’m pretty sure for ours we have
    A levels (3-4 depth subjects, with optional AS extras)
    IB (3 less depth, a bit like as, and 3 more depth, so I guess similar to the a level kind).
    Like an ice cream bar :p
    Yes you can practice being an architect on roblox and mine craft haha :)
    Yes don’t worry I get that, but the offer still stands if you ever need a review :)
    Ah this has been kinda long, but I love chatting with you :D
    Have a great weekend!

    5 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Ah I see. Yeah to me, idk, it's just something that bothers me...? No offense of course to you :) And ok, thank you for all the advice it's very helpful!

    5 months ago
  • remi'sgotinkstains

    re: Hi, having some family troubles, so I haven't posted in a SUPER LONG TIME. Are we not scribble chums anymore? See you took it off your box. It's ok if you don't want to.

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re1: hah see idk you that well, but what I’ve got is a lot of fun, a lot of sweetness, and underneath this kind of determination, which is where that methodical ness comes from (in my opinion haha).
    Ah yes “Organised chaos” sounds perfect hehe. I’d say I’m a pretty organised person, and I’m trying to loosen up a little, and get away from too much rigidity.

    Ahhh haha that seems like quite the task! But I’m so glad that you’ve got it almost ready to go now! I’m really excited, and especially for the darkness ooOh.

    Haha when you said packet I got so confused. I thought you meant cereal box :D
    Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you meant paper hehe. Ah see a tactic for me is to do the long essay questions first, because then I don’t run out of time. Or if I do, it’s the easy 2-4 mark questions that get rushed or missed.

    Yeah it’s 18 here o_O
    A lot of people drink before then, and have parties etc, but I haven’t really done much of that yet. I think uni is gonna be an experience haha. I don’t think I’ll be super harmcore though because that’s just not me. But I do really love mixing soft drinks :D
    I used to think that orange juice + apple juice made pineapple juice hehe

    Ooh tetrice was good but can it beat elevonzice? Probably, yes :p

    Woah you used to call your teachers by their first names? *shudders* ooh that’s a line that I’m happy not to cross haha
    Agh yuck if you don’t like the nickname, it can get so annoying. For me, it was going to be Ellie or Weesie, and I had to quickly step in and shut down anyone who said the second with a fiery glare. So Ellie it was :D

    Awh well I’m sure it’s a really cute average c:

    Ooh it would be cool to be able to walk to a mall (with an iCecReAm pLacE!) and you could get your friends to meet you there hehe

    Ah um I’m not a business expert because I never took it, but it looks like there’s an A level course (we do a levels) or AS, which is like half an a level, I guess more suited to the broader range of the IB.
    ah I had the option of IB or A levels (3-4 more in depth subjects) and I found that when it came to figuring out which subjects I’d go for for IB, it just was not going to happen haha :D
    It’s hard enough choosing 4 I like without adding on a science and a free one after that! You’ll have to tell me if you get any closer to deciding ahah. But your methodical/messy organisation traits give me architect vibes, so maybe you could pick some kind of designy or mathsy option haha
    But who knows heh

    Re2: Haha that’s so great! I’d love to just mute *everyone* one time then unmute anonymously and laugh evilly loll
    Alas, I’m not sure I can ;p
    Ah yes probably should’ve sent a link hehe. Here we go:
    Thanks for doing this if you do btw. You’re sure you don’t have any you want to be reviewed? If you think of one and it’s too late or smth, just ask or send me the link of a piece, and I’ll go do what I do :D

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    5 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thanks! And wow, sounds familiar. The k response I've unfortunately used before sadly :/ And oh wow! Yeah a few years ago we used to do that...and I'm happy for you too! I definitely agree with that, and leaving her alone was smart! Don't apologize for it! It's helpful :) And yeah, so I ghosted them yesterday, responded today, and we got into a huge fight all three of us. We all apologized in the end and they're not mad anymore, because for some reason I was being overprotective and sensitive. I'm still annoyed but I don't want to say anything....but I don't think I was being either :/

    5 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Yeah me too. I was mad (still am a bit) and she started saying she didn't want to be part of our threesome with another friend and now is playing the silent game :/

    5 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thank youuuuu sm! And idk, we're going through a bit of a rough patch so I tried writing it with us not fighting in mind, when it all blows over I may. Thanks! ;)

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Ah um I mean you could say one of my murder transcript ones, to try to motivate me to write the next few hehe. I don’t really mind to be honest.

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: yeah haha it’s a litttlllee stressful having a deadline. But it has encouraged me to really get into writing, and to try new styles. Ah I’m super excited to see this lyrics piece!! You sound really methodical organising it haha - it’s really cool to see how other people go about writing.
    Hehe my brother’s one of the youngest in his year, which is kinda annoying for him because all his friends could drive/drink etc before him. Not that he’s really into partying, but I guess he would want to try a beer at some point or smth lel.

    Haha I really hope you don’t make a massive wreck in the middle of the road, or become a nervous wreck, or both. Yea I’m pretty worried I’ll crash into something, but hopefully that will just be in a car park doing turning practice or smth. Not like on the road agh. That would be terrifying.

    Wow huitrice sounds like the noise rugby players make when they’re in the scrum.. possibly :D
    Ohhh oysters and rice yes I seee
    I think I’ll go with nontrice
    Sounds like nonce haha

    I guess I see your point. Sometimes different cereals can be a really similar concept, but there’s just some taste behind them or texture that puts you off.

    Whattt?? I love having August off! But then I guess having June off would be pretty fun too. Ooh it’s hard to know haha

    Haha don’t worry, the shameless drop came in handy then ;)
    Yeah haha Eloise is my real name, but a while back some of my irl friends decided they couldn’t be bothered to say three syllables, and among friends I’ve been Ellie since haha. But if I published a book, it would definitely be Eloise haha.

    Omg I don’t get this thing about British accents haha. I guess it’s kinda lucky that I’ve got the classic-ish accent. But I lovvvveee Irish accents from over-watching Derry Girls ahah. Also, I think American accent are super cute. Everyone sounds really happy all the time!
    Awh you must have one of the really cute cartoon accents then!

    Haha so maybe I have hope if I’m better than your brother??
    Welll I live in a village, in a kinda farmhouse place, but it’s really near to the city. So it’s not like I live with hundreds of miles of countryside, but the view is still really green and pretty :D
    But the downside if that is that I have to use the car to get into the city and see my friends agh.

    Ah lol college. We’re not gonna think about that until the latest possible moment haha.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Ellie <3

    5 months ago
  • iamgroot

    re: Thank you for enjoying my piece

    5 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Yeah, it is something you can’t imagine until it happens. I was so shocked, it wasn’t even sudden, but I didn’t even cry until the funeral a week later because I think I was in shock. Anyway, Tysm! I used to find extra pieces to fill in for people who didn’t have any, but I figured it would be better if people found a couple themselves. :)

    5 months ago
  • kathryn siena

    re: thanks! the book is awesome (it's a trilogy btw) and ally carter is an amazing author!

    5 months ago
  • rmssmr

    Re: I got you! Thanks for helping me out there :)) I had a feeling I was messing up somewhere but I had no idea what to do lol. Also your imagery is just lovely, and the last line is so poignant. Great job with that. :))

    5 months ago
  • Ellington Stone

    This is really good!! I love the way you described it, the metaphors were new and exciting, unique in a REALLY good way :)
    RE: Thanks so much!! I am glad people understood the ending and it was not confusing or something XD

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: yep know how that feels haha. My last prompt’s only just been published and I’m onto the next one agh! But it’s prose, so hopefully it will come more easily :D

    Yeee I’m an October libra :D
    It’s good because that means I’m one of the oldest in my year, and soon I’ll be able to start driving lessons :o (I suppose you will too ahah :D)

    Ah they wanna look at a piece of writing, a peer review and some answers to questions like what you think you’d bring to the role etc. It’s not a massively stressful thing - I found it pretty fun to make a mini portfolio like that hehe.

    Septrice :p

    Ahh Frosties and lucky charms :D
    Can’t believe you don’t like cornflakes!! I guess I’m fond of a fruit salad and yogurt, or a bagel with marmite and loads of melted butter. Can’t beat those hehe

    Woah you’re not finishing the year in person?? ;-;
    And also no fair you usually end before June!? We end June/July, unless you’re an exam year, where you go on study leave about now and you stop whenever the exams stop, which I guess is mid-June ish

    Yea America has such a range of accents! We have a bit as you move about, but in the same place most people talk similarly.
    YoU lIstEneD tO tHat?! Please burn your ears and buy a new pair!!
    If you want me talking normally (this is a shameless drop btw) head to the last Review, and there’s me at the top with Doof in Niatirb going full posh satirical hehe.

    Nuuu Lion King. Oh dearry dearry. Hey at least it wasn’t me singing *and* your brother hehe
    That would probably be enough to make a fry guy cry :D

    Ooh I see! A neighbourhood community sounds really cool! I live on a loooonnnggg road haha.

    Hmm politics can be so complicated lel, especially with the impeachment business that’s kinda just been forgotten about in the media here now. I see why you don’t really want to bother. Ugh 2024 is so far away anyways haha

    But anyway haha..
    Hope you’re having a super afternoon!

    5 months ago
  • SamRose

    K, it's time for the 3rd round of the Peer Review Group! Just let me know in the comments of my most recent piece what 1-3 pieces you would like reviewed! If you don't have any, just find any piece by anyone on WtW that is seeking a peer review and give me the link to that instead! If reviewing two pieces seems a little daunting at the moment, just let me know if you would like to skip this round. I think as it gets closer to the end of the school year we should probably have that be an option so we can make sure all the reviews get done. :) Tysm in advance!

    5 months ago
  • sunshinetea

    Re: sounds great, ty!

    5 months ago
  • sunshinetea

    Re: yea that’s probably it- if you could copy them down it would be great!! Tysm for ur time <3 I really appreciate it :3

    5 months ago
  • sunshinetea

    Re: hmm it just says “content deleted” D: hopefully it’ll come in soon???

    5 months ago
  • vastexpansion

    re: thanks so much for commenting on my poems, it makes me so happy to see that someone finds my work relatable and enjoys reading it!

    5 months ago
  • vastexpansion

    i absolutely love this poem!

    5 months ago
  • teacupps

    one word: incredible.
    seriously, this poem is among the best i've read, and i've read quite a lot of poems. whatever you're doing, keep up the awesome work my friend!!

    if it isn't too much to ask, could you check out my poem moonchild? link is here:

    amazing job!! <33

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: yes yes give a prompt a go!! Expand your repertoire :D
    Even if it’s really rubbish by your standards, I know I’ll still love it :)

    Ah October is my favourite month of the year hehe. It would be so cool to see you as a CA! Also, I’m pretty sure they do a load of easy New Years’ prompts like “Things I like about myself” hehe. Definitely give it a go! They said they had quite a few applications this time, so you’ve gotta get yourself out there and see what you can do!
    Quice? Nope maybe not ahah

    Haha don’t worry. I, too, am very sugar-oriented. Maybe that’s why I love France so much... croissants, pain au chocolat, jam, all for breakfast lelll. But lucky charms truly reigns over all other breakfast produce in that it is a sugary cereal with extra sugar that makes your milk taste extremely deliciously sugary. In the uk we have Frosties, which are sugary cornflakes, but my dad is really against them agh.

    Hah sounds like a job for in-person school :D
    You said you’re going back soon? I desperately would want to see American teens trying British accents. I mean the Netflix shows are bad enough (the American ones that have a British guy in for one episode and he’s all cockney like “Alright there luv? Proper nice weather today.” Haha I’m torn between rolling my eyes and laughing my head off every time. Oh haha and they always seem to be dressed in a formal hat and jacket lelll.
    Hmm I think I’m gonna have to go search some videos on YouTube so I can laugh some more :D
    Do you get that kinda thing with your accent?
    I reckon you wouldn’t be too bad at doing a British accent. I mean it’s kinda like French but take out all the tongue-down and “zee” noises... maybe haha
    My accent is kinda posh, but I can do chav if needed, and for my poetry and spoken word, if I record it, I’d do a more south Londony vibe just because I think it’s sweet and has an honest vibe :D

    Haha it’s been ages since I’ve done a prank call lol. That sounds like a pretty ultimate call though c:
    Have a super morning :D

    Another culture question: how many houses on your street have an American flag? When I visited, that was the thing I was most shocked about ahah

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: okay so CA applications happen thrice (yes Ik proud of that word hehe) a year. I applied in January, and there’ll be one coming up pretty soon, because the term ends in May ;-; the last one is October.
    Ah okay, if you say so... Does he like lucky charms? Idk if I’ve told you, but when I visited the US I liVeD on lucky charms. And now I have this image of a cute Cookie Monster brother munching on marshmallows goodness ah omg I swear why can I not get a high sugar cereal ahhgshs :p

    LMAOOO that would actually happen though!! Okay I’m gonna wait for the class where I have the least judge people (probably maths tbh — we’re a family because we’ve been set since year 7 :D) and then I will legit say
    “Can I go to the restroom?” And see if anyone notices lelll. Then if they don’t, the next time I’ll say it in my best southern drawl (not a great flex I know, but I’ve listened to the To Kill a Mockingbird audiobook, and I’ve got it down now haha). Northern American still evades me, unless I’m doing a “Hi gUys, weLcomE to my YouTube cHannEL!” Ahah. Wait can you do a British accent omg?

    YESS! A telenovela will rope in so many different audiences! And it will be super hilarious so everyone will want to watch the advert ;)
    Sounds like a plan lel

    Agh well when the darkness cloaks the house in such an unforgiving manner, one can’t help but assume the whole world has been cast under such a heavy shroud of night. (Channelling my inner melodrama there :p)
    Have a great afternoon :D

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    re: your welcome :D
    Oh yeah that sounds frustrating. I kind have a version of that, too. For me, it's more like I have all these emotions cooped up inside and I'm not exactly sure how to put them into words that are worth reading.
    Hopefully both our sorta writing blocks will disappear :)

    5 months ago
  • sunshinetea

    Re: ahh oki :3

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Aww thank you! (Also sorry for the super late reply on your other comment- I promise I’ve seen it and will respond soon, I just don’t have too much time to respond to longer comments right now- I should on like Monday- but you’re so much fun to talk to so please don’t think I’m ignoring you! Ok anyways, onto your comment haha)
    OMG NO FAIR! Elizabeth is literally the most awesome character of all time!! Pride and Prejudice is my ultimate FAVOURITE book ever and just- oh you are so lucky! And ahhh, I so wish you went to school with me (or even lived in Canada at that haha!) cause if you’re like Elizabeth, I know even more than before that we would get along!

    5 months ago
  • sunshinetea

    Re: ahh oki oki tysm!!

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow. Once again, how do write such amazing stuff with writer's block? When I have it (and that's often) I literally just stare at my computer screen and wait for inspiration that never comes (lol).
    I love your writing because it forces the reader to look deeper, beyond the words, and think about what the meaning is. It takes some thought to find the real interpretation. You leave the reader thinking.
    Your imagery is always beautiful. I love how you compared your mind to "corridors" and "intersections."
    "while i stare foolishly at those words, strung together/with ribbons of frost and fastened on wreaths that adorn each grave,/the ones which mark every forgotten piece of myself."--I'm sorry, but this is gorgeous. I absolutely ADORE the image of wreaths on a grave. Lovely.
    re: aww thank you!!! Those are really great title ideas actually. Thank you foe being so helpful!! <3

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: haha sounds a bit like what I thought when I applied. I ended up being like yanno I might not even get in, so I’ll just have a go. But I also don’t think it’s a bad idea to make sure you’re ready, and you have plenty of time left on the site haha. I guess you’ve also gotta take into account if you've got any big events going on. Like I can manage round exams, but it’s something to weigh up. Most of us are older, I think - probably helps with the experience, but seriously all your writing is by far good enough already :D
    So just have a go when you feel like you’re ready to take on the responsibility. The application questions will help them understand you, and then you just see from there. Definitely at some point you must do it!!

    Hah see I had this built up idea that your brother was evil, but I’m starting to see this misunderstood grammar guy behind it all now c:
    Hahah I swear I’m gonna start craving it in maths seeing a load of numbers. I swear if the answer is 2048 I will dieeeee.
    (And then I’ll burst out laughing hysterically)

    rEstr0Om lmao hehe I’m not mocking you, just the whole of the us :p

    Ah curses. You must have shoved it back in his vanilla-smooth face hehe. Yesss we must first figure out how to get a pool everywhere. Hmm a portapool? It will catch on :D
    Have an amazing night!
    Ellie :)

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: I think I would still recommend it, but it does consume a litttleee time ahah. I think my reviewing skills have grown so much though, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting loads of people :)
    Yea why would you ruin perfectly good chocolate with coconut?? Sigh

    Hahah! Wow I can imagine that :D
    My sister was strangely similar hmm... To be fair, it was pretty fun winding her up haha. (All you have to do is correct her grammar)
    Hahah I swear if I continue any more of this fake revision kinda scheme, my concentration will completely vanish. I’ll be there in the exam like
    “Can I go to the toilet?”
    “Yes, I’m yanno...” (hope it’s a male teacher ahah)
    *nips to bathroom and plays a crazed couple of games of cupcake 2048* ahhh maybe I should try and stop myself playing next week, and then bam back in it :D

    Yeah that seems like a good decision :)
    Twas pretty unfair of the coach to give them the youngest players hmm, but you turned it around and shoved it in his hairy face :) - idk if it’s hairy lel
    And, your team couldn’t cope without you :)

    Huh seems like the teachers could use a quick escape pool slide too :D
    You do finance? Great we can set up an amazing business for them haha.
    You too!
    Ellie :D

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: merci merci merci mon amie <3 (Lel fluent haha)
    Yeee that was the poetry prompt haha. I stressed for ages, googled “How to write a reverse poem” on Wednesday, dropped it on Thursday, and then suddenly, that night, I just had the idea. Ah right on time, but brain did you really have to put me through all that first? DX haha

    Ah you clearly have excellent taste in rice :p
    And yes yuck coconut and chocolate. (I mean I’m biased though ahh but still). Especially that dry desiccated coconut.
    Haha I’m so clumsy too, and it definitely runs in the family. My brother’s kinda strong and in his sleep he accidentally hit a hole in his bedroom wall lollllll
    Hehe you can’t say no to a good book though, even if it costs you later ;)

    Agh today was a brain no study day haha. I had to bribe myself with a game of cupcake 2048 every time I did like 3 questions hehe
    Yesssss! I’m super glad you socked it to that coach! And also that you weren’t one of those super compétitif et people that messes it up for the other team. Really it seems like without you two, your team just falls apart? Huh must be fun being good at sport :D
    One time, I scored a goal in a netball fun festival.
    - yea no follow up on that one. It’s a weak brag, I know, but nevertheless, to this day, I am v proud uwu

    Oh goshhhh there are so many dodgy people in the world. Agh that’s really super creepy. Bet the teachers gossiped about him lol. Wait imagine if at parents’ evening his parents just sat there and scowled, and they were all in black and didn’t say a word. I swear if I was a teacher I would have a heart attach aghaha

    Sorry it’s a bit late, but better now than never I guess :D
    Have a wonderful afternoon :)

    5 months ago
  • cvallecorsa

    Re: Thank you so much! This community seems really welcoming and kind. By the way, I love this piece. Congratulations on all your success!

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: I think we all have to embrace the uselessness at some point - getting ahead of the game just means no pressure later on :D
    I’ll eat coconut with rice and beans, when you stir it into the hot rice so it just becomes all creamy :)
    But I don’t like it in cakes or biscuits or drinks or anything else really idk why I listed but lucky you haha. I’m glad you have found it within your heart to forgive this awful impropriety and allow our friendship to continue to bloom :p

    Hah! I am such a clumsy person, and my life isn’t nearly romantic/eventful/full-of-arguments enough to be in a telenovela. Most of the shots would be me studying, stressing or eating chocolate. Or all three at once ahah. Also I’m reaaally not an expert on telenovelas so it probably wouldn’t appeal to hardcore fans anyway ahah.

    Ohhh I see! At our school, for the first few years we had A squad - F squad, plus people who realllly couldn’t be bothered. Then in year 9 (hs) the team size got bigger so they cut up to C/D depending on their mood I think haha. And then you’re only in the team if you religiously attend practice. So I’m not in the team haha.
    I think the recreational sounds fun! And it’s nice that you get a gradient of pressure and time-consumance ahah, so that you can really pick how much you want to commit.
    HAHA oh dear your friends mum is great :D
    We should put that in the blockbuster comedy series. Hmm I think I’m mixing up the award thingies. For a theatre kid, I really don’t get into those shows much haha. I really want to watch the musical one this year (almost 90% sure it’s the Tonys ahah)
    Also I’m really glad you clarified she wasn’t driving ahah
    And about the other clarifications in your second message - don’t worry about sending them! It makes me feel really special c:

    Oh my gosh. I don’t know what makes to comment on: the juxtaposition of apple juice and bar that made me want to laugh so much, or the monotonous voice and complete disregard for poor Anne Frank. I didn’t actually read her diaries, but I watched the end of the documentary (because it was at my friend’s house and she said we should “Skip to the important bit” agh). I wonder how he’ll grow up hmm.

    YES! Definitely watch Brooklyn 99
    I think I started watching it around your age, and I instantly cursed myself for not becoming addicted sooner. Now my sister’s watching it all again with Spanish audio and English subtitles but I’m not sure she’s learning much from it ahah. The voices are so weird in Spanish, once you’ve grown accustomed to the actors’ normal ones.

    Have a fun fun fun afternoon!
    Yea this is evening because I decided to crack on with some work first today ahah. And yayyy I’ve started designing my CA prompt :D

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: no i love rants (prob cause i ramble all the time lol). yes their songs really hit hard. i forgot bout this one but humpty dumpty hits bc of the "he said screw it ima smile right through it and scream when theres no one around"
    or legos "i wanna move out i dont wanna move on"
    one that is really making me think tho is from turning out. "am i ready for love or maybe just a best friend"
    ^^this speaks to me. i cant often describe my feelings (they get so complicated) but this perfectly captures all my confusion. man...such great lyrics

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also this piece is great!!

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: ahh it makes me so so happy to know other people on here like ajr XD! we gotta start an ajr fanclub or smth lol
    YES! I love all those songs!! how did you like their new album? I really relate to turning out/dont throw out my legos/adventure is out there. (can you tell im in a "growing up dilemma" ;/ Bang is such a mood as is most of their songs.

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: sjskks thank youuu! I swear who needs cheerleaders when you have useless? (Hmmm strangely oxymoronic :D) lel when I said redrafted I meant “Took out a line, added 4 replacements then deleted all but one and a half” or smth :p so you didn’t miss out on a lot haha
    Our telenovela should definitely have a song!
    And that, my friend, is an excellent choice.
    Oooh tropical smoothie. (Okay I’ve been keeping this thing from you, and it’s been weighing on me bc it might change our friendship. Sooo take a deep breath, okay? I, uh, don’t like coconut.
    ;_; I’m sorry :p)
    Oh gosh fugitives in Spain trying to film a telenovela and running away from glaring science teachers who found out we called them dumb and negligent. Or would that be the telenovela? Maybe life is a telenovela hmmm :D
    Sounds pretty funny to watch tho ;)

    rec = ?? OwO
    Oh oops well I got massive soccer vibes from you :D
    Ah we can embarrass bambi together hehe
    Yeah I only go when the pop up rink comes at Christmas haha
    Oh nooooo! A parent email! That should be in the telenovela! I would actually write a script for this ngl haha. But wow the perils we undergo as teens in this dangerous society. Sometimes I think being raised by wolves like Mowgli might have been easier what with siblings and angry parents and exams ahhgh

    Ooh okay sleepy kid is easy. His parents have those shades that hide your eyes so that you can’t see they’re sleeping. The dad tries... for the first bit, until it’s the negligent science teacher and Mum’s already snoring so why not just catch up on 5 mins lost bc of the baby last night?
    Annnd the creepy kid. Uh maybe his parents are vampires. Ooh twilight vibes lmaooo
    Like my dad, they make weird jokes about locking their kid in the cupboard because they didn’t get a good mark. But they have such a kinda “I’m over it” monotonous voice, that you can’t tell if they’re joking or not. Even the laugh sounds kinda sinister, like Rosa in Brooklyn 99 (I hope you’ve seen that: it will surely go down in legend).

    Hehe but surely the anime kids’ parents don’t watch anime? *shudder*
    To your favourite tune:
    *hope you like having a good day*
    That’s thE oNly liNE i kNow. :D

    6 months ago
  • beth r.

    re: OMG I WOULD eXpIrE

    6 months ago
  • Nikki

    re: haha omg i agree! well im not much of a procrastinator tho XD
    thank you so much for the suggestion. i will totally look into it :) ummm since ur searching for something you could give the 'Mistborn' trilogy. i just finished and it was epic!
    haha actually.... girl i was talking abt the brush pens in art *hides face in embarresment* haha its not my fault they have such pretty shades. their my version of winged liner XD
    omg that is awesome! i remember you telling me that you wanted to get in one school while ur friends wanted another,right? do you have anyone you recognize there? anyways im so happy for youuuuuu!
    yay! go you!!!
    ummm easter isnt really something we celebrate. like its an aweseome festival but we didnt do anything for it :)

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: we should be in a telenovela. Your talent truly knows no bounds uwu. Revised plan
    1) pina coladas
    2) Elphaba belting
    3) those zip wires that meet over the pool so we can jump off halfway through.
    Funky = mixture of weird and interesting, but overall nice. In this context it was because they are packed with yummy flavours and all kinds of colours that get mushed together :D

    Ah I rephrase: waffle makers only appear in the houses of the cooking crazy and the Americans. If I ever go to college in America, I’m sure there will be waffle mix on tap.

    Oh gosh can you imagine sitting in English and suddenly your supply teacher gives you this deadly glare and says
    “Your Great Grandmother Edie stole Aunt Bertha’s husband. Now I’ve tracked you down and I will take my rEveNge.” Romeo and Juliet’s all fun and games til it becomes real XD
    Cue zip wire into pool.

    It has been confirmed by a real life teacher, and cannot be retracted now it’s on the web :o
    To be fair though, I know me and my friends talk about the teachers we like and don’t like a lot ahhh. I try to be nice tho c:
    I’m glad you got a nice coach! We don’t really have much of that at my school. Or maybe I’m just not sporty enough to know haha. But we only have teams for netball and hockey (land hockey, none of us can skate except those with American parents lmao).

    Ahhh with my mum, there’s a bit of that. Like if I say smth bad about a teacher, she’ll stare them down at parents’ evening oop. And choosing the good ones..? That’s personal preference I think. My dad’s Welsh so every time he finds a Welsh teacher he’s like “This is gonna be my new best friend”
    Cue some terrible jokes about giving me no food when the teacher brings up I got a really good score that isn’t 100%
    They always look worried agh but don’t worry it’s all weird jokes.
    Hehe I can always imagine parents being similar to their kids. So that kid that tries to impress everyone probably has parents like “Okay so we’ve printed out the spec, and I’ve got her the finest tutor to target areas that she need a little extra work on” etc. Ugh eyeroll...

    Hope you have a greaaaattttt dayyyyyy :D

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Ignore the fact that I had to write that as two different comments- WTW wouldn't let me post it as one for some reason (it does that a lot, it's really annoying!) but anyways, just read it from top-down)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Of course! And awwww, I bet they’re a lot better than you think if you can create beautiful pieces like you do! And don’t doubt yourself!
    Awwww yeah that sucks. Oh shoot I just realized I’m on my computer at night when I told myself I wasn’t going to- ok not anymore after today! But I used to get like that a lot too, I found that it really helped to have a notebook beside my bed where I could write all my thoughts down in and sometimes try to create dreams (like start them in consciousness if that makes sense). But if you try all that type of stuff (and ooh, breathing mediation on Youtube helps me a ton sometimes) and it doesn’t work, maybe you should ask your doctor next time you see them or something cause a lot of people have to take like night pill thingys to go to sleep.
    Haha I went off writing a full essay there but ok, moving on XD

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    HAHAH, yeah that makes sense. Everyone wants something different, not what they’ve known their whole life.
    Aww yeah, I’ve been skiing a few times cause of school trips and it’s really fun (although I spend a lot more of the time in intense fear that I’m going to die because of the speed I fly down the hill loll) I actually haven’t been in like two years :(
    Haha lol, it can be fun sometimes- especially when you can run inside to get hot chocolate right after!
    HAHA, waittt, that’s actually really nice weather here. And 70 degrees is hot! (Had to search up a conversion of Fahrenheit to celsius loll) HAHA!
    Yeahhh, I don’t think I could handle that cause I was boiling in October! Haha yeah.
    Oh my, I wish! I’m covered in like 10 pounds of winter stuff loll. Lol, wow, those really do sound very “Floridian” and ooh, it seems there’s lots of differences in the southern part of states versus the northern part of states (didn’t know that before). Mmmm I can agree with you on all the food except some seafood I don’t like and I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a key lime pie!
    Have a great morning! :)

    6 months ago
  • aalawrites

    Wow, this is a great piece! I hate writer's block too. It always seems to happen at the worst times for me, especially during English assessment time _ _

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: hehe smart ;D
    Yes you were perfectly accurate to think that. ‘Twas very similar to what I imagined. Okay so I’ll be in a Spanish hotel, and the waitress will come and ask me to get off the balcony railing
    And I’ll say
    “¡No! Me gusta los bananas, if you like piña coladas.” And that’s when Ellie gets shipped off to a European mental asylum.
    See I don’t think we have that kind of thing over here. My mum sometimes buys smoothie mixes with frozen fruit. Those are funkkkyyyy. But never a pancake mix, and (brace yourself for this) we don’t have a waffle maker. I’ve only ever seen one in the houses of really cooking-crazy people haha.
    Oh nooo poor you! Teachers with vendettas are the worrrssstt! I swear they probably gossip about us all the time in the staff room. They’ll be like oof looks like you got John for maths, have fun with that :p
    Ach it’s really awkward when my mum talks about me to that teacher. She’ll be like “Oh Eloise has been working super hard, but she’s stressed she won’t get a high grade”
    And then the teacher’s like “Well I’m not supposed to say...” and I’m like mum please shushhhhh stop asking for her job gah.
    Yes that is so evilll! And don’t worry, now you’ve convinced me, there will be no redemption for this kid :p
    And you too, have a great day, full of weird pancake waffles :)

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    re: awwe tysm <3333

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re (part 2): wow you have some serious skills. I have hola down, and some basics like me gusta las bananas. I think... Oh and no hablo espanol, agua y comida por favor.
    What a delightful tourist.
    Yay chia seeds and orange juice! Sounds incredibly healthy! Still I think waffles dominate the breakfast buffet scene.
    Yessss I would really love to go fake surfing on a dangerously-put together float on a pool :D
    It sounds very fun ahah.
    Ah yes teachers and children at the school make for very awkward conversations. Maybe you’d hope that the teacher would be understanding ahah. It’s weird because our mums have become friends now, so she used to come round a lot and I’d either pretend to be studying or hide in my room ahah.
    Oh wow I take back all I said about your brother being cute. He is evil, and you should leave home as soon as possible to escape him :p
    Very weird thought train. Choo choo.
    Good night :D

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Oops I pressed it too early wait a sec

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: aw I hope you get to go soon! I haven’t seen my paternal grandparents for just over a year, so I can’t wait for lockdown to ease again. (Hehe Wales is really harsh on the restrictions).

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: 2 MONTHS IN FRANCE?? Omg what I would give to swap lives with you wow. It must be such a great way to learn the language too!! Haha I imagine that must be a really awkward problem, but I want it anyway :D
    But Spanish mannnn. Haha my sister does Spanish and I really don’t envy her. I dropped it because I couldn’t do the speaking because I can’t roll my rs [:_;]
    Oh yes, hoovers and the famous life story of Ellie. And French :D
    Haha weird stares at a brunch buffet. Oh my gosh, when I was in the US on holiday, I liVeD for the buffets. There was a chocolate milk dispenser for your cereal. You could have fizzy drinks at breakfast. The waffles were massive!! I swear I ate so much every time, yanno like “Can’t pass on the potatoes, but I haven’t tried this fried rice yet...”
    haha poor waitress. I bet she gets a lot of kids doing dangerous stuff, because it’s just so funnnnn

    Whoahhh! I would love to live in that! Haha I would definitely set a time where we both zip line out the windows together and end up splashing in the pool at the same time.
    Oh my gosh my sister is exactly the same! She’ll be like Ellie come help me bake cookies. And then I’m like okay, I do, then, naturally, I eat some cookie dough because it’s the best part, and then she’s all like “I can’t trust you with anything! Remember last year when you said you’d keep my friend H’s crush secret, and then you told Mum? Well now you’re eating the cookie batter and I will never share anything with you ever again!!”
    Basically my mum thinks H is really cute, and we were talking about how sweet she was, and her crush just slipped out oops. I kept my sister’s crush in fine!
    Haha she got it worse though because H’s sister told *her* mum my sister’s crush, and H’s mum is a teacher at our school XD
    Ah well now you can make a video folder :)
    Have a great morning
    Hope the sun shines
    Here’s some more words
    And a whole ‘nother line :)

    Hope you have a great day
    Future poet laureate, clearly,
    Ellie :p

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re (yeahhh kinda slow oops :D): ahah thanks. We’ll have to see what happens with this prompt hehe.
    Wait sorry — what? — do they teach you nothing in all those geography lessons??
    Ah I didn’t even know we only said that over here haha.
    A hoover is a vacuum cleaner, and in the uk we have a brand called Henry Hoover. My brother is called Henry and he too seems to enjoy sucking up food. Yea aka eating anything, no fuss, and quickly :D
    With gems like these now you will be by far the best at trivia :D

    Oop all those couples in the next room trying to have a really relaxing time when suddenly - - “If yOu like Piña coLaDAs!”
    Entertainment at its finest :p

    Yes it’s a shame that when you live with people forever they really start to grate on you ahah.
    Oh lmao you just know it’s going downhill when it starts with “Right, heh, a phase.” Oh dearrryy :D
    Man kids with fortnite heeheee. I played once at my friend’s and died pretty much straight away like fine if that’s how you wanna do it. You’d be hard pressed to fault mine craft though. Those little villager men and the ways you make things that I never knew, so I always died because I couldn’t make a bed. That kinda fun :)

    But still, resist the urge to throttle and maim. Something else you could try is collecting videos of him being a weirdo to show to future partners :))
    You too, hope you had a great evening, and have a beautiful morning!

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Okay, and I think I'm gonna do ones I've listened to tho :)

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thank you! And very fun questions! By song do you mean a song I myself have have written or a song in general?

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: some sound advice there :D
    We’ll see what I can do, but I tell you, I’ve got the lack of satisfaction step down XD
    One day I will love my work, hopefully.
    Ahh so an extended metaphor type thing. Yes I think that would be a great way to add sophistication... I’ll have another look at the prompt, and see what kind of thing would work. They gave us some exemplars for the exemplars, and boooyyyyy they’re gorgeous. But yanno, experiments and that :D

    Ahah food rambles are the best! My brother is a hoover, so if we get a box of chocolates, he has no problem finishing them, even the bounties. Lemon tarts are a true wonder of nature. I’m kinda horrible at baking, but I made a lemon tart and — once you’d got past the looks — it was incredible!

    Don’t worry, I’ll be fine imagining XD
    That’s the thing with writers — we can be awfully good at descriptions.. And this certainly did not fail to describe :D
    Oh woooowww your neighbours must have been in for a treat. I’m sure you are Elphaba level with belting talent, but I do hope that it wasn’t too early in the morning haha.

    12 iS sTill CutE!!

    My sister is 14 and I swear she’s not half as nice as you :D
    Wait okay she’s just come over with chocolate and seen that oops. My sister is the most delightful child I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She gives me lots of sweets yum yum.

    I’m training her well and she’s already developing symptoms of good humour, sarcasm and darker jokes. Fly, little monkey, fly c:

    Haha I don’t envy you the gamer phase. My brother never really went through that, except with clash of clans lmao.
    But cherish this 12 year old sweetness!
    Grin as his tiny hands shoo you away!
    Laugh as you steal all his chocolate before he grows way taller than you and can hold it above your hands :c

    And have a great day! :)

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    Replying- Haha, it's chill :)

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Woahhh! Firstly, I was so excited when I came to reply, because your pieces had gone up to 17 :D
    But back to the woahhhh! I was stunned right from the first line! And this is “Forced”? Man writers’ block really does suck, but you seem to be coping alright :D
    I love your cold image, and I think it goes so beautifully with the message of words being frozen. It’s stunning! And the flow is so gentle but frustrated, but dying away!!
    “It’s a shame that it’s dark here as I cannot grasp ideas I do not see clearly.” Ahhh I love the image you built up. Your brain is like one of those mind palaces, but the mind palace is a gothic street!!
    Agh I need to step up my poetry game, because my next prompt is a poem sjsksk. Any tips from the Queen of gorgeous imagery?

    Re: um so I think we apply end of year 12-ish, so aged 17-18. But my mum wants me to get picking so that I can go into a levels and know exactly where I’m gonna go for ugh.
    Ah I see! We have basically one good uni per main city, and then there are smaller ones as well. I think London has 4 Russell groups though...
    I’m so glad you said that!! I never really was too fond of white chocolate, and I didn’t get the hype. It was that and sponge cake (Ik Victoria sponge but errm). I’ve come to find that I still don’t reaaally like sponge cake or and sponge cake in disguise (we’re talking lemon drizzle type). But when my granny makes them and they’re fresh and fluffy with jam and cream, it’s delicious!
    Ooh that sounds super fun :D
    My parents just bought one egg for each child, and since I woke up first, I got to have first pick - perks of being a habitual riser.
    I would love to see that video lmao. I’m imagining this cute lil brother just gaping, eyes wide at the camera as you grin and much on some chocolate in the corner. c:

    Have a great day!!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow, I love this so much- it's so beautiful! The last stanza and "i slip at every attempt to see all the way to sanity" are my favourite! And also no, don't worry at all if your work isn't up to your own standards. Remember this site is to help you learn and grow as a writer not to showcase your talent. Often I'll post things I'm not sure about at all (but remember, we're often our own greatest critics and words we hate turn into words others love- like this piece, it's beautiful!)
    RE: Aww no worries at all haha! And aw of course!
    Awwww thank you so much, you’re so sweet! And yeah, I’ll definitely let you know! :)))
    RE Dear White People: Awww thank you, I’m glad you thought it was well-written! And haha, yeah, I guess it’s just scary posting anything when you don’t know how it comes across (and you haven’t mulled it over!) But thank you!

    6 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thank you so much for your encouragement!

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Awww thanks! Oh I doubt that! You're extremely talented! But tysm, that means a lot <3

    6 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    Re: Thanks, they were really fun to create!!

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Oh, wow, okay, I guess I didn't read that right!

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    Ugh, writer's block, it sucks. This is amazing though, the formatting it awesome, and the words flow wonderfully,
    replying- Haha, that's okay, basically because the tunnel was dark, no one but the star player knows what really happened.

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Aw, we have SBAC over here, and they're resuming it this year...which I'm dreading I just get so stressed over tests :/ Oh thats gotta suck. But fun! I'm jealous ;) I'm doing alright over here, starting to count down the days til summer :P

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Hi! You're ish back I see? How are you? I'm suffering a case of writer's block as well...but a month that's a while :/ You're writing is amazing tho btw! It painted a picture in my head somehow and I get the criticism, I've been trying to post a song but I haven't done much of those, anyways so it's just a tab annoyingly sitting there XD How are you otherwise?

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    Ooh I love this!! To me, this is such a beautiful description of what it's like to be trapped by writer's block - or even just kinda trapped in your own head in general. The last line captures this feeling so well - "captor and captive in this prison of mine". Also I totally get what you mean about how self-criticism makes you want to just stop writing. That happens to me all the time! It's such a hard thing to overcome.

    6 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    why the heck am i not following you???????
    okay fixed that :)
    Favorite line: "i tell myself i am not to blame, that everyone would / have tried to seek haven within the snow globe's / winter wonderland, the one sold on sale with the promise / that it would solve all that was going wrong in my life, but i forgot / that glass shatters and now my pleas are buried six feet below the surface, / with only my fractured state of mind for company."
    absolutely s t u n n i n g .

    6 months ago