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Sunrise (1)

April 6, 2021


March 7th
Journal Entry #1

What's the prettiest thing you ever saw? 
Maybe it was a sunrise over the smooth
sands of some little pocket of a beach in
Gloucester, or a giant ice cream cone, piled
high with scoops of Rocky Road, and drizzled
sloppily with hot fudge. 

The prettiest thing I ever saw wasn't really
a thing, she was well, a she. She sat in front
of me in Mr. Willis' history class, her hair fell
down her back in a smooth, chocolatey curtain
Her delicate legs were crossed over one another,
toes pointed against the linoleum.

Her name was Minerva Ripple, Minnie for short. 
She had been in my classes for years upon years. 
She nibble-nibble-nibbled on the ends of her rumpled
hair and always pushed her glasses up her nose. She 
was nice, and quiet. It was eleventh grade when I
noticed her.

I could have cared less about the revolutionary
war. There was already a musical about it.
(What more did I need to cram for a stupid 
unit test?) 

She turned to face me, and her soft brown 
eyes enveloped mine, and I felt my cheeks 
heat up. 
"You got a pencil?" She asked me. 
I nodded like the meathead everyone
thought I was. I was on the football team. 
(Those cliches are real, by the way.)

I handed her the one that sat on my
desk. The one with my teethmarks - God, 
I was so stupid. She only offered me
a grin and said "Thanks". 

Then the bell rang. Everyone shuffled for the door, 
yakking and gabbing about whatever, but I only
watched her, Minerva, as she got up slowly, 
moving delicately and deliberately.

Like the ballerina she was. 
She gave me my pencil back.

"Thanks, Quinn." 

"You're welcome." I said 
back, but only in my head. 
I nodded again. And watched
as she floated out the door, practically.

She was my sunrise over the beach.
I just didn't know it yet. 
This is a republish of an old story I wrote on a different account. 


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  • anemoia (#words)

    (sk)eyesofocher’s comment is MOOD
    I always love seeing the way you create characters and I love getting to know them

    14 days ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher

    and will I re read the entire thing for like the eighth time?
    ....sleep is not needed. this is.

    14 days ago