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Wars Within

April 13, 2021

a young bird admires
the glistening brightness, the 
blueish haze of the ocean, 
reflecting the sky. little 
did she know, the ocean would 
drown her in its salt, and
its dark, melancholy, deep end. 
it was until then she knew regret.  

she survives, but finds herself 
wandering with no goal. 
she sees a shining, conspicuous fruit. 
she is drawn to the berry; 
she knew the beauty radiated poison, 
for beauty had deceived her once already,
her feet could not stop inching forward. 

it was until then she realizes; that
regret begins our wages of war within, and
the fear of regret fights curiosity;
Intellectualism fights Emotion. 
the fight is like an indecisive rider, 
who orders a horse to turn left, 
but drags the partnering horse to the right.


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