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The Darkness in the Light

April 27, 2021

The Darkness in the Light

The day began as May 25th, nothing out of the ordinary
The sun woke up, its beams bursting brightly, permeating across the sky
Birds Chirping, Trees Singing their last goodbye
Every young boy and girl waking up with a sigh
Unaware of the unity of the nation, getting ready to die
Every nook and corner of the country, filled with light and brightness
Groups of children laughing, for some it being the last day of school
Laughter and Happiness knowing no boundaries
Families at every kitchen counter, cereal in hand
Smiling wide, hand in hand, friendships fortified  
Ignoring the pleas and the cries for help, once again foreshadowing divide
In one Minnesota city, tragedy on the verge of being inscribed into the history books
For eight long minutes, the voice of a man, filled with pain, shouting “I can’t breathe!”
His soul, withered like a plant, already down underneath, 100 feet deep
His neck, trapped under a monsters knee
Picking up the pen of darkness and rewriting history
People gathered, phone in hand, broadcasting pain and misery
Shining light on centuries of tartness, as a result of one’s darkness 
Who is to blame for this tragic twist of fate? 
Is it the ever reaching arms of bias and white supremacy?
Is it the plight of deep rooted Black poverty? 
Or is it the fate of George? 
While we will never know the answer to this tragic question
We must stand together, hand in hand, to ensure that this doesn’t happen again
And stand for what we believe in, to make sure that he did not die in vain
In times of trouble, we me must come together
For trouble can only be solved by strength in numbers
Today we add George Floyd to the list of innocent African Americans being murdered by the police
Let us unite, as people of different genders, ethnicities, and races, hand in hand, palm in palm, to raise awareness to racial injustice
For tomorrow, it could be any of us on that list


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