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Hi! Thank you so much for checking out my piece! I really appreciate it! This is my first spoken word performance so my expectations weren't very high, if at all, but I'm really glad that I was able to make a video. Also, sorry if my voice is glitchy - my computer mic hasn't been working too well. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! And if you entered the competition, good luck! Have a fantastic day/night :)

the beauty of blindness

April 20, 2021

Performance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZcGFvAYD2wNDkd-nU5Ubdk-MIxmakM44/view?usp=sharing

Dear God,
I don't go to church. I don't know one Bible verse. I don't know much about faith and religion other than what I've learned in school. Yet, I think of myself as someone who is spiritual. And I believe if you are true, you are a kind, fair and honest soul. I believe there's a possibility that when I die, I will meet you up in the clouds in an everlasting haven to spend the rest of time. But, today I don't want to talk about death. No, I'm here to talk to you about life.
So can I ask you why people who are desperately trying to survive are torn down by those who have more than enough? Can I ask why do people create false judgments on a community based on a shared physical trait? And why are there so many broken systems deeply rooted in our planet? Is it even possible to turn things around or are we just sinking slowly until finally we'll submerge underground? Because by the looks of it, everyone who's trying to mend our divides is exhausted. And I'm one of them. My energy constantly fades and I am desperate for change but sometimes even after you've given all that you've got, you are overwhelmed with pain. I'm a candle trying to spread light but oxygen is too rare to feed a flare. And now, it's as if I'm being drenched in cold water. My hair, wet. My clothes, damp. And my forehead is covered in sweat because late at night, I attempt to locate an explanation for why Earth's reputation worsens each passing day.

And every time I'm left with this question, answerless. Why do the bad guys win when the good ones take down their guard? We should be allowed to live freely without sacrificing our safety, shouldn't we? God, please respond. You're my last hope since we've fallen down this steep slope so do you have any answers? Do you even know who I am or that I exist? Are you there or am I just shouting into empty air? Might as well shut my mouth and stop acting like a fool since it'd be an absolute miracle if you gave any acknowledgment. But, I guess, in case there's even the slightest chance, I'll continue because I'd rather shoot my shot than never know what would've happened. So, why do those that face so much adversity, to begin with, have to deal with more issues caused by the privileged? You're probably thinking I'm talking about money or fame or riches, but I'm not. I'm talking about how so many givers and builders are knocked to the ground by those that seem to always take and break.

Here's another thing. Obviously, I've got lots to ask. Should justice exist when there's not a true crime committed? Or should justice only be seen when a courtroom is occupied and people are shouting from opposite sides to either defend or prosecute? I'm just a kid yet when somebody says something discriminatory or hateful should I turn them in? Or would that just be me being a sensitive snitch with a target attached to her back? I advocate for others to be given justice as they no longer can since their aggressor did something horrifically inhumane. But calling me a name or saying I don't belong doesn't seem to qualify for discipline. Or does it? Heck, I don't know. If you are God, you should know, I'm so indecisive!

It's just that, these close-minded kids who are selfish, ignorant, and apathetic will grow to become adults holding the ability to vote, have powerful jobs, own firearms, break more hearts and tear down more loving people. So shouldn't we teach them that anyone can do anything, people are all equal, love is stronger than hate, and everybody should play a part in making Earth a better place? God, I know this seems like a huge favor but please, if possible, encourage the next generation to believe that we are all of the same worth. And no race, no color, no religion, no background, no sexuality, no gender, no identity, no nothing should make anything different.
Now, if you will let me paint a make-believe reality with only one change. Here, everyone is blind but only for six months. At first, you're probably thinking of the loads of negative effects that would happen. Sure, we couldn't witness dawning sunsets, majestic mountains, and glistening oceans the same way. And it'd be extremely difficult to drive cars and go to and from school or work. Everyone would need to make obvious adjustments but think of all the positives. First, it'd only be for half a year, just a temporary elimination of our vision. During this time no one would know the physical appearance of each other so all assumptions based on how we appear in the mirror would suddenly disappear. Everybody would be able to become friends and family with whose personality they had fun with. This has the potential to change one's complete mindset, meaning, it could ultimately, change the entire world's perspective. Imagine the significant decrease in hate crimes and the vital raise in love and appreciation. The world would understand the impact our vision makes on our lives. We'd notice the power of sight and how it can create biased ideas in our minds and sometimes we don't even realize it. Humanity would have all gone through a shared experience to which we could all relate. This world could build such a beautiful future and we could all genuinely see how wonderful people are. Not by opening eyes, but by opening hearts.
I know, I probably sound ridiculous. It's obviously impossible for us all to actually go blind at once just for six months. If only, there were some way we could listen and talk to someone but not have any prejudiced thoughts due to their looks. If only, the world could have a clean slate so no previous opinions can be made before we are given evidence. God, let's face it, I have no clue if you are real but if you are, wouldn't you be the one who could help solve this problem or at least give us courage, empathy, and strength so we can? Also, sorry for this whole long rant, hopefully, it made some impact. I guess, what I'm trying to say is that the world needs to see the beauty of blindness.

I know, I wrote and spoke this super long letter just to reach this conclusion – a single phrase. Sorry, sometimes my thought process is all over the place. Anyhow, God, even if it's not perfect, don't you think if everyone had this mindset, it'd be worth it? Especially, if it made this world that much more moral and truthful, educated and dedicated, kind and united. So, thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I genuinely appreciate it. And maybe, just maybe I'll meet you eventually.



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