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The Things They Tell Writers

By: kaffie_vu

Don't try to aim too high
You won't ever reach the sky
Be realistic not optimistic
According to every statistic
You are bound to fail
This isn't some sort of fairytale
Get your head out from the clouds
Incompetence isn't something you can shroud
By writing about a life you'll never have on the wall
Time isn't something you can stall
Get your life together even if it's hanging by a tether
You won't always have such fair weather
You're so focused on writing useless stories
At this rate you won’t make enough to see your forties
I don't care if JK Rowling is making millions
We both know you won't achieve that sort of brilliance
You’re a pebble aiming to be a boulder
A match that can barely even smolder
A drop of water who can’t comprehend the notion
Of what it takes to become something as grand as the ocean
You say you're working towards publication and yet I see none of the fruits of your creation
You're better off just focusing on graduation
What good are worlds of fantasy
If they blind you from what is reality?
Do you think writing happy endings
And living a life full of pretending
Will earn you happily-ever-after?
A life of carefree laughter?
If you let yourself fall behind in this race
You'll lose every chance to win back your place
Your ignorant eyes need to be unveiled
You’ve idea how many like you have already failed
I don’t care what your English teachers say
Leave writing stories to those with a way
To actually progress and find success
Those with a potential that you don't possess
Yes, it’s true that Icarus was able to fly
But you’ll crash and burn before you even try
It's simple, really, just don't aim too high
You will never reach the sky

Message to Readers

All and any!

Peer Review

This piece left a really good impression of life to me. In the end, I really did feel that this really understands how life goes.

My favorite line was ¨ If you let yourself fall in this race You´ll lose every chance to win back your place¨

I see a few issues my favorite line for example ¨If you ever let yourself fall in the race, you´ĺl lose every chance to win back your place.¨ There should be a comma after race and a period at the end of the sentence.

You are an AMAZING writer. I hope I can see other beautiful pieces you make.:3:3

Reviewer Comments

Overall, I enjoyed reading this piece and hope you have a good day!:3:3