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Hello, how are youuu?

i left a dream in the Walmart parking lot

April 5, 2021


and watched it grow on alabaster receipts,
munching price tags from camo t-shirts

went home with its teeth clamped around my wrist
leading my weary bones to the scuttled corner
where lay angry, taut strings and a hollow wooden heart

i let it consume me until i was left empty

my fingertips leaving bruises on its neck,
i swirled the cirrus clouds into midnight half notes,
swallowed ocean air to taste the beginning of a chorus- 

how raw the dream was settling into my then hollow chest.

my manager’s yells were a dull symphony
the rattle of shopping carts was all background
to her screeching solo in the employee break room

her shrivelled pigtails twisted themselves into question marks
a pudgy finger tapping a staccato rhythm 
on the pallid face of her watch

our torsos swayed in our blue vests
as she shifted her watch and bracelets, 
i caught a glimpse of bite marks on her wrist



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