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The Golden Girl and The Skeleton Boy

April 19, 2021

She was a graveyard skeleton that halloween
(the last halloween that made any difference)
golden skin and bright eyes contrasting the costume in the dead night
in the dead forest

He was smooth smiles and warm laughter
distracting her from the fact that his face was only bone

They sat there in the forest for hours
talking about all things human
life and the validity of what they’d always been taught
(the long-forgotten ‘do not enter’ sign became a silent companion)
lying there among the leaves and dirt
as did i, i suppose
the lone observer to their moonlit meeting

Watching the two lean against a tree
one flashlight between them
like two saplings twisting together to grow
or perhaps two meteors on a collision path

I blinked at the soft joy radiating from the pair,
confronted by the realization
that this was never my story at all
as much as it was theirs
the golden girl and the skeleton boy

At long last as they moved onto the subject of love
(she said she didn’t believe in it)
i backed away, keeping my footsteps quiet
(he looked at her like he wanted to change her mind)

I looked up at the stars as their voices faded behind me
and wondered where their story would end
and hoped it would withstand the coming daylight
(but what a shame)
the shining curves of her skull were only facepaint
and he 
was long dead

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