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the first day of spring

April 5, 2021


The First day of spring 
Cherry blossom white and pink
Freshly cut grass 
The new sky blue welcomes soft breezes from long ago 
Which shows the wideness of a window like ones broken heart
There's something about sunburn
That forces my freckles 
Like the sun can see only skin and to remind us that she is still really there
she kisses it 
which leaves brown circular patches like dots of smoke in the air
the trees withered and bent limp 
know what is coming when the clouds have parted and the heat rays like whips descend 
first, they must endure the shame of being the same material 
to hold such suffering that day long long ago 
stripped and divided and placed in a cross 
so simple, so effective 
then and only then once the deed is done and the date remembered and mourned 
can the trees breathe and swell in the sunshine 
of the first days of spring
went on a bit of a tangen then sorry about that


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  • Nyla

    Wow I love this- it has such beautiful imagery and it's awesome how you close on the beginning- it's so symbolic of spring.

    6 months ago