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feelings fade
when you refuse to set fire
to the little things.

-perry poetry

le silence d'un tambour

April 7, 2021

she had a sheer serenity of mind 
that wanted her to beguile
a musician and his drums
she wanted him to allure into the presence of her heart
for him to hear the music that's poured out of her love
she wanted to briser le silence d'un tambour
and so he plays
producing music with the hollowed airiness of a drum 
she wants to be the music 
she wants the passion of a musician, who is fancied by the sound of his music
and so she spins;
dancing on a hollowed platform, letting her feet be at one with the music
making her heart beat louder than the drum's sound can induce
and he tells her 
"ne casse pas le son du tambour, mon amour"
but she dances once more
making the heart come back to haunt the silence of a drum 
the heart beats, 
                       and it beats
until the silence of the drum became nothing but an old decorative piece, hidden within the room
a moment when a musician falls in love with the music given right in front of him
her heart spins, and beats, and the music is now played within her heart
her aime is more than a musician and his drums
he sees the music flowing right in front of him, right in the heart of his love
the one he loves the most
"​elle brille pour toujours"
for her heart enchants the room with a beating sound of a drum
and she stands there
danser sur un tambour silencieux

i'm not sure at all if this has to do with the competition, but i am posting this because why not..
i'm going to revise it more within the next 5 days, is there any improvements that need to be done?


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  • solarflair

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. for improvments, i don't really have any ideas. i like it as is

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    I'm pretty sure the competition is open to any type of poetry or spoken word so this works lovely! The way you so easily flit back and forth between French and English is so beautiful! and I love the actual poem, I mean it's just very romantic! -you're amazing at those btw!
    RE: Awww thank you!!!
    Haha, hmmm, let me guess, Shakespeare? XD
    Yes I do! And HAHA why would you WANT Invisalign? But aw that’s good and haha great to know there’s someone who shares my pain!
    Loll, there must be a lot in American history so I have no right to complain. I literally had to remember four battles and I had the most difficult time ever LOL
    HAHA- thank you!
    Ohhh how odd! But cool!
    Haha yeah, I did! It was pretty good when I watched it but tbh, I didn’t watch it religiously either. That’s just the latest show I can remember really liking- ooh I also liked Jessie (more than Girl Meets World- ooh and Bunk’d. How am I just thinking of these now haha?)
    But yeah, it was a really good show, you should check it out if you can!
    Ooooh, that’s a really good one! I loved Princess and the Frog. Ok, when I was younger I loved Aurora for some reason (I was a super girly girl). Then, just last year (once Disney+ came out) I watched Mulan (I did when I was super young as well but apparently didn’t like it because she didn’t have a pretty dress- loll super girly girl) and I just fell in love with her courage and she was just so strong and amazing! (The live-action did not do her justice!)
    Haha, no worries but thanks! Aww, now I’m sad I only found out now! (I used to have Amazon Prime but then my dad canceled it cause we barely order anything LOL) And yeah! Warning: it’ll make you a super hopeless romantic XD And haha, aww no worries at all! Whenever you’re free is awesome to talk- and plus sometimes I take a super long time to respond as well!
    Thank you! Hope you had an amazing day!!! <3

    6 months ago