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My Storybook Characters

April 9, 2021


Okay, so I'm in the process of writing the first chapter of a novel I've had the idea for for almost a year now. Anyways, I decided to write some character rundowns. There are eight people that I will be introducing in this piece because they are the only ones I've thought of. I might add on when I introduce more later on.

Indigo- Indigo Rose is an optimistic, fierce, mature 14 year old girl, although she can be very stubborn at times. She has shoulder length, deep brown hair and dark blue eyes. She's 5'4" and has two younger siblings. Her birthday is September 12th. She loves to draw, and has strait A's in school, she is a super fast runner, and her dad taught her how to fly a helicopter when she was 10. 

Oliver- Oliver Whitfield is an extroverted, confident, friendly 14 year old boy, though he is also a bit of a troublemaker. He has curly black hair, dark skin, and chocolate eyes that sometimes look as though they have flakes of gold in them. He is 5'9" and has a younger brother. His birthday is January 6th. He plays hokey and soccer, is very athletic, and has a B average in school.

Luca- Luca Quinnell is an introverted, determined, trustworthy 14 year old boy. He has light brown, kinda messy hair and sage green eyes. He is 5'7" and has five siblings; three older and two younger. His birthday is May 3rd. He rarely talks, and does well in school, although he is always being asked by teachers to participate more. Because he barely ever says anything, not many people know that he gets jealous very easily.

Tatum- Tatum Crawford is an approachable, generous, creative 14 year old boy. Her has neat, side swept blond hair and light blue eyes that will sometimes look a bit grey. He is 5'8" and has an older sister. He is extremely unlucky and has terrible arachnophobia. His birthday is April 30th. He is a bit cheeky at times and is a really good singer, he is really smart but doesn't always try his best in school.

Aubrey- Aubrey Rose is a defiant 8 year old girl. She is one of Indigo's siblings and she is also a twin. Her birthday is August 18th. She loves to play pretend and believes strongly in magic. She has brown hair like her older sister, but had hazel eyes. She also only speaks in quotes.

Lance- Lance Rose is an adventurous 8 year old boy. he is Aubrey's twin and therefore is also one of Indigo's younger siblings. His birthday is August 18th. He has dark brown hair, just a bit lighter than his twin's, and hazel eyes. He loves playing in the dirt and will almost always follow his twin sister into mischief, he's also one of the only ones who understands completely what she is saying.

London- London Adler is a 14 year old intuitive, kind, quiet until you get to know her type of girl. She has bright red hair and gold-brown eyes. She is 5'5" and has a younger sister. Her birthday is June 22nd. She is always smiling and loves to read. She loves math, but not science because her and the teacher don't get along, and subjects like English and Socials are hard for her because she's dyslexic. 

Penny- Penny Barret is 14 years old, selfless, sweet, and fun to be around. She has long, dirty blond hair and green eyes with a brown ring on the outside. She is 5'3" and has two sisters and one brother. Her birthday is September 20th. She carries a mini emergency backpack and is always prepared for anything, anything, except bedtime. She has somniphobia, which is also known as hypnophobia, which is the fear of falling asleep. She does well in school but doesn't participate very often, not because she doesn't have the answers, but because she just doesn't want to. 

So, just though I'd do this for fun. Also so that I can get a better feel for these characters. My first chapter will be published soon (hopefully), it's taking me longer than I wanted it to. Another thing, I want to write this book from the perspective of four different characters, Indigo is already one of them, who do you think the other four should be?


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  • A. Penderwick

    I love all the detail you put in this, even just from these short descriptions, I feel like I really know the characters. Personally, I think a perspective for Luca and Penny would be the best, because they both seem very interesting, and also like characters who have a lot going on inside. Are you planning to write in first person or third person?

    about 14 hours ago
  • bookmagic

    I like Penny and Aubrey! They are the best and Aubrey is like that lady from a wrinkle in time. You have very cool characters.

    5 days ago
  • DreamCatcher468

    omg. I am starting a short story I came up with yesterday, and I swear I am only just now seeing this for the first time. but Avery the main Character had short dark brown hair and dark blue eyes... and her best friend is named Oliver.

    5 days ago
  • bhumi

    re: me too!

    11 days ago
  • Human

    re: yeah... maybe its not writers block and I'm just not good anymore :/

    11 days ago
  • Human

    re: thanks! I'm having some writer block rn and I'm just trying to write my way out of it? I'm kinda stuck though

    11 days ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    For the different perspectives, i would like to see Indigo, obviously, definitely Aubrey, and Luca, and mabye Penny. I love the characters, Indigo seems like me in some ways to. I look forward to get to getting to know her.

    12 days ago
  • SamRose

    Re; Aw thx!!

    12 days ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Tysm XD And congrats on getting your prompt chosen for the grab bag! it looks cool. I'll have to do it sometime.

    12 days ago
  • writergirl79

    By the look of this piece you story is going to be fantastic can't wait to see it

    13 days ago
  • BizzleWrites

    Re: Ooh, are any of your WWII short stories or WtW? I would very much recommend that you do, you will not regret it. How did she meet her, that's so coool!!!! Also, if you like thrillers (I mean, you didn't say that you did, but just a thought), I have a recommendation. The Girl in the Mirror, by Rose Carlyle, but don't read it until you're like... 20. I haven't actually read it, but apparently it's good.

    13 days ago