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"this is my dream, i'll decide where it goes from here"

- alice in wonderland

the itsy-bitsy spider: a children's tale

April 17, 2021

i. "the itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout / out came the humans and wipes his species out"

bare rocky expanses for miles
no life, no creatures
a dusty chalkboard wiped clean
no itsy-bitsy spiders to be seen
"where did they go?" I ask my mother curiously
maybe they're just hiding
or maybe they're never coming back

ii. "out came the sun and dried up all the rain..."

baked ground, cracked
sucked dry of moisture
polar ice caps
dripping down the drain
as the sun gazes down, pitiless and unrelenting
gases venting
into the dead husk of a sky
if i squint hard enough it almost looks blue
ozone layer shredding into threads we can’t weave together again
national emergency, the tv says
"we can't stay here anymore."

iii. “…humanity moves on and makes the same mistakes again” 

i have been carried away to a new planet
a new home
the sky is blue,
but already veiled in grey
there are itsy-bitsy spiders
but i see less every day
isn't funny how in the end, we just found ourselves back at the beginning?
so i start my song over
take a deep breath
and keep singing.

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