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||she/them or whatever||
||16 (almost 17)||
||my writing style is run-on sentences and too many commas||
||simmering rage is what i am||
||but in the end, we all burn out like cigarettes||

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Pie Crust pt. 1 (unfinished)

April 5, 2021


Through the doorway, he could see her looking through the window, her back facing him. Except, she wasn't really looking through the window, she was staring at the curtains that hung there. They were very ugly curtains, and she hoped that if she examined every thread and stitch of the fabric, her voice wouldn't break, and her hands wouldn't shake. He was going to speak first. He always did, and she was waiting for him to say what she knew he was going to say.


“I’ve come to ask you if you’ll try again, this time I know we can do it,”

“I’ve come to ask you if you’ll try again.”

She waited for him to finish, but he said nothing more. Mentally, she remarked that as strange. He was like an actor, always sticking to a script. If he deviated from his usual, that must mean something. Or maybe not. Turning her head towards him, she thought that maybe she was looking for something different because she wanted there to be something there.

“William, why do you bother asking if you already know the answer. No.”

William took a few steps towards her, and she turned around surprised. He almost never came into this room, just hovered around the doorway, unsure, not wanting to come too close, as if she was a delicate thing not to be bothered, lest she fall to pieces. God knows she had fallen apart before.

“Adeline, this isn’t like the other retrieval. It's been built. I have a definite source-”

“It couldn't be done. Building it would require materials that don't even exist! You heard it yourself, have you forgotten? It's impossible.”


No. Something must be wrong, he hadn't used that nickname in years, the last time,

Don't go there. Not yet. Too painful for now.

Hell, he was telling the truth. Or at least he believed what he was saying to be the truth.

“You have to listen to me. I’ve gathered some people, and they’re willing to help, all we need is you. You’ve been there before,”

“Been there before, William? I almost died there, William. I barely made it out. Just fucking barely. That place is a death trap, and this ‘plan’ of yours is a suicide mission. The answer is no.”

As he walked back towards the hallway, giving her one last glance, he said,

“Well, I respect your decision. If you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

And with that, he left. She could see him in her mind's eye, walking down the stairs, waving to whoever may be in the sitting room, walking out the door.

“Bye William! Have a good day!” That must be Lillian. Adeline could see her too, downstairs, most likely reading a book or canning some sort of fruit that she had grown in the small garden boxes she tended. Lillian was one of a million people going about their daily business without having to deal with much of any large misery. But oh no, not Adeline. She had been lumped with the most disastrous hand of cards that the likes of the Devil himself had probably never seen before.

Turning back to the window and the ugly curtains, she waited for him to walk around the side of the house and into the street. With his hands in his pockets, he never walked in a hurried manner, but rather like someone who knew exactly where they were going and how they were going to get there. Crossing the street, he never looked back up at her, and that somehow made her feel more uneasy. Once he was out of sight, she sank to the ground. Even while hugging her knees to her chest, she felt like the floor was writhing like a frenzied serpent, and at any moment it was going to rear its head and swallow her up, and she would slide into the dark cramped cave of its insides, never to see the light of day ever again.
am i writing another book? yes. anyway, this is it so far, im actually pretty proud of this. i used a text to speech so i could hear it, and i think that really helped with how it sounds. so yeah! 


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