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Don’t worry if my poetry seems dark. By putting my dark thoughts into words I actually feel free of them so the darker the poem the more positive I probably feel after writing it.

The Little Girl I Left Behind

April 17, 2021

I’m planning a funeral,
For the little Girl I left Behind-

She Was perfect -and she Was kind-
She Made you happy and she Made you proud:
Daddy’s little girl and Mammy’s greatest pride,
-The Perfect child-
Good grades, responsible,
And a great big group of friends…

-But I’m sorry to tell you she Died Long Ago-

You held her Too tight and you squeezed out My Soul,
I’ve been living in her Corpse,
But it’s far too Cold,
Now I’m tired of not feeling Alive,
So You don’t have to grieve-

…So I’ll let Her rest in peace,
And live My life at least.

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1 Comment
  • Ava Marie

    Wow, this is so good!!!

    23 days ago