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April 16, 2021

i. a musty, fading carpet becomes a vast ocean
in one moment it is calm and undisturbed
and the next it is rearing and bucking like a frightened horse
winds screeching your name as you are thrown into a briny tempest
so unforgiving that the bravest sailors tremble at its name
and a torn-up cardboard box
the sides a scribbled masterpiece
becomes your constant and only companion among the harsh waves
bottles float upon the waves of wool and dust balls

ii. distinguishing sleep from wake is hard, so your dreams become your unquestioned
an intricate, frenzied dance of half-awake thoughts
that flit away on cotton-candy wings as soon as they reach your mind

iii. when the stars do not seem so far away
after all
you can reach up
let them stain your pudgy hands with light
when you pull away
there is stardust plastered on your skin
but nothing outshines
the the innocent stardust glow


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