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Ok please please please look at the footnotes. And let me know if this offended you in any way (if so, I am so so sorry) and I will take it down right away. This is really different to what I normally post but I just really wanted to get it off my chest.

Dear White People (see footnotes)

April 4, 2021


Dear White People,

Stop laughing over how racist your family is to your POC friends. It doesn't make us think you're more accepting- if anything it makes us question why you don't say anything. Saying how you had to tell your father not to say the n-word on thanksgiving dinner doesn't make us feel loved but remind us of how hated we are. And stop saying that the discussion of who should use the n-word is controversial- it's not. Nobody except Black people should say it (personally, I don't think anyone should say it but that's because I don't believe anyone should swear).

Stop looking at us when the teacher starts talking about slavery- it's weird. Especially if we're not Black and have no experience with it. You guys will literally stare at anyone with an ounce of melanin.

Stop comparing your tan to ours and saying how dark you've gotten. It's really odd and makes us feel like outsiders.

Stop trashing your food and saying how bland it is. Or laughing at your taste buds not being able to handle spice. That's ok. If you haven't been brought up with spice, of course, you're not going to like it. And I know tons of POC that don't like spice either. It's literally food, you should be able to enjoy what you want. Even if that's a plain turkey and lettuce sub.

You don't need us for validation so stop berating yourself at our hands. We love you guys- why do you think we're still friends?
I know that this piece has a lot of generalizations and I know not everyone is like this. 
This piece is just based on my friend's and I's experiences (yes, all of these are real-life experiences).
Disclaimer: I am a POC but I am not Black, I am Pakistani. The specific examples relating to the Black community are issues I've talked about with my Black friends but please let me know if I worded those parts incorrectly. 
I really don't want to offend anyone so please let me know if I did and I can take this down.
Also I literally have so many more instances to discuss to please let me know if you actually liked this and I should continue.


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  • Country_Gurl

    THis peice really made me think about our world today and the other racist term people call eachother like I agree with you I think no one should say the n word and I also think We shouldn't call people of different races different thing like calling a white person a cracker

    5 months ago
  • DreamCatcher468

    I think this is really cool, to write a letter to whites! It is disappointing to know that all this has come from experience, but hopefully people will take this to heart (from all races).

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    wow! this is such an important message, and other comments have said this, but i really can't imagine anybody getting offended by it.
    i completely agree with Mck13, i admire you for publishing this, especially since all of those were first-hand experiences, and the whole piece was just purely from experience and how you feel, and it's so well-written.

    6 months ago
  • writergirl79

    Hi I am writergirl79 and I think the way you decided to share this with the whole write the world community is amazing You really should continue because this is a great piece and it shows how bad people can be towards others
    I recently wrote a piece called equality for a competition and I thought it was great but now I have seen this I am not sure anymore
    please go check out my piece and leave a comment on it if it is good because by the way this piece is written you are the expert

    6 months ago
  • McK13

    Wow, Nyla! This is a wonderfully written piece and I truly admire your bravery for publicly sharing this piece that was so personal. As someone who is biracial, (half-white and half-Asian) but more as a member of society, I believe it is super important to speak out about our individual experiences with racism so we can be a part of the solution to end racism in the world. I can very much relate to these specific instances because I’ve witnessed certain events like these happen several times before. One thing that I think is crucial to recognize is how some of these actions are instinctive so a white person might not be necessarily conscious of their wrongdoing because they don’t recognize it’s wrong. This is something that I think needs to be emphasized to a greater extent because humanity needs to become more aware of what is right and what is wrong so we can decipher the two. Anyways, sorry for the rant lol! You did such a fantastic job on this really authentic piece, thank you so much for sharing!! Re: okay, I know you’re probably going to say that it’s alright that I haven’t gotten back to you in such a long time but I feel awful, sorry! I was celebrating Easter and spending time with relatives so I never had a chance to write back even though I really wanted to! Thank you for your super sweet comment, once again! I’m thrilled that you loved some of the lines :) Oh, well, you never know, maybe you’ll get lucky and cross paths one day (crossing my fingers for you)! Of course! Yes, scrapbooking is so cool! Some of my family members make yearly scrapbooks and they always turn out so well! (I don’t know how they do it. They must have around 8 or 9 filled with photos, letters, drawings, etc) At least you tried it out :) I could never finish a scrapbook because I’m not that skilled with visual art though it would definitely be fun so maybe I’ll give it a shot one day lol. Though I’m also not that patient lol and it would take up so much time so on second thought, maybe I’ll just admire scrapbooking instead of taking part in the activity LOL. Yes, it was very cool! Wow, really, that’s so interesting that it didn’t taste different especially when it didn’t have butter either! You must be an amazing baker :) Aww, well I’m so glad that I found you on WTW too! You’re such an awesome friend who’s also my online pen pal lol! But really, I genuinely love our conversations! Ooh, favorite chocolate...hmmm. Okay, so I don’t know if you mean like chocolate bar or type of chocolate so if it’s a type of chocolate, I’d say just plain milk chocolate. And if it’s a chocolate bar, I’d have to go with Milky Way but I also love Reese’s! Though, recently, I’ve had lots of Peeps because I got a lot for Easter! What about you?? And what’s your favorite holiday?

    6 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Re I definitely don't understand everything that I read! I don't even understand everything that I write:) Teju Cole is especially difficult. He references so many literary works that I am not familiar with. And each sentence is so intricately wrought!

    As for the age thing, I wish I could show you what I was reading and writing when I was fifteen. You would laugh so hard. Actually, maybe I should post one of my old short stories. I would say that complex thought is definitely something that comes with age. But seriously, you are already an incredible and sophisticated writer and you will only improve. I was reading "An American Childhood" by Annie Dillard and she talks about this phenomenon of "Waking up", of becoming conscious. I think when I really started developing interesting thoughts of my own I was in eighth grade. I was reading Sapiens by Yuval Harari and I started applying his thesis of Imagined realities to everything. But it's really only in the last couple of years that I have felt my thinking grow more nuanced, that I have allowed many things to be true at once.

    Also, one of my favorite books "The God of Small Things" I read a couple of years ago and I have re-read since, I still have absolutely no idea what it is about lol! I know it something to do with memory and colonialism... but other than that I am at a complete loss. But it has probably had one of the most profound influences on my writing of any book I have read. This is because I started to let myself not make-sense ofter reading her work. It was just so beautiful (and horrible) that I surrendered to the rhythm and let it affect me on a visceral level.

    Sorry for the ramble, but don't worry about not understanding something. I general just let the words wash over me when I am reading lititure. And then, think about what I read later. Honestly, sometimes misinterpretation can be just as valuable as exact understanding because it reveals what's going on in your own head. I remember I was listening to a Paul Simon song, and I misheard the line: "Fasion is rich people waving at the door" as "Fashion is ritual" and I wrote a bunch of poems inspired by the idea "Fashion is ritual.

    Ok, that was another ramble. You are amazing, your work is amazing. And I am so grateful and honored you have taken the time to check out some of my book suggestions! If you ever want to discuss anything that is confusing you, or anything at all really, I would be absolutely thrilled!

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    This is such an important issue and I think you have addressed it really well Nyla. I am so sorry if you have faced racist attitudes in the past. As a white person reading this, it really made me rethink (although I have never ever been racist in my life, it's important to be reminded what it is like for POC). Anyway, I think it's a very powerful piece of writing, thank you for sharing it :)
    re: I am SO sorry it has taken me a ridiculously long time to respond to you!! My A levels are coming up next term so every spare scrap of time is filled with revision. Anyway, how are you?? Hope you're good :)
    Thank you so much for your comments - especially about the desert city! I'll tell you once I've built the fortress as a bunch of ppl on here are moving into the city with me haha.
    I love your descriptions of your grandparents apartment - it must be so fun to be able to visit and stay in London (I only ever go for day trips).
    Aaah you got to see orca!! You lucky thing *jealous eyes* wow I so want to see them. Haha love your dramatic child narrative (I was similarly terrified about a ferry trip to France when I was about 10 - idiot kid). 'Omg no! It didn’t sound offensive at all! In fact I was scared you thought I sounded elitist and that’s why I sounded a bit defensive! Loll at least our misunderstanding was being overly apologetic instead of overly mean!' bless you're so sweet and yes I am glad our misunderstanding was overly apologetic too :).
    Yessss Paris is perfection. I would definitely want to go back to the Louvre and yes cappuccino's are AMAZING! I love the way the cafe's spill out onto the pavement in Paris, it's the most wonderful city. You can still visit Paris without speaking French! I only had the basic vocab and I still had a great time there (but yes learning to speak it fluently is of course on the bucket list). I hope you get to visit one day soon (and yes omg can't wait for covid to be over to get travelling again.)
    Take care and sorry again for not replying quicker
    Have a great day
    Becca <3

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Oh myyyy that was rather lengthy oops

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    This piece feels really poignant and important. I’m so proud of you for getting this message out into the community, and with such a sophisticated tone. I would love to see you continue this, as everyone is on a journey, and this piece is super educational, as it comes from your heart and your experiences.
    Re shadow: awh then you so much!! Oh gosh I remember starting piano and being like “B-but letters are for writing..?” Yeah, I’m not a massive songwriter, but I’m super glad I gave the competition a go, and storyline was one of the things I aimed to work on when redrafting, so thank you!

    Re GBBO: haha you are always so niceee! Well I’d kinda planned out the Saul-Maud thing from the start, but if I redrafted, I think I could up the hints. Mostly they were just annoyed at each other, which is why I thought it was funny hehe.

    Ooh Invisalign someone’s sounding fancy :D
    *sigh* I remember my braces journey. Ugh I had 18 months with block braces, to move my jaw, then a terrible 3 yEaRs with normal braces. But getting them off is the best feeling ever! Your mouth just feels so fresh and clean and light!
    Hehe no presents I’m afraid, but I bought myself a chocolate bar haha. Wow a birth week?! I reckon it would take about 18 years of hoodwinking to get my parents to believe in that, and by then it would be a little too late.

    Forests are the best! I love by a load of fields, so forests are always fun :D
    My sister is younger than me. She’s 14, but she’s in year 10, which issss the first year of high school? She has 3 more years left after this one, which I guess makes it the first maybe. Haha. I don’t think she massively wanted me to come, but she likes to hang out with me fairly often, especially if she wants to try to be cool (not exactly sure why t-shirt chooses me for that ahah). But yeah, we split for the walk, found a load of keep off signs and a couple of squirrels, then I sufficiently embarrassed her in front of her friend by telling them how grumpy she would get if we didn’t get back home in time for tea. All in all, a successful day :)

    Okay, the plan is a-go (that’s a word, right??) Wait, random, but if you don’t live by farms, does that mean you live in the city? I’m torn, because I love nature and having fields to see and walk in, but I’m terrified of cows, and I don’t live near any of my friends, so I have to take the bus that comes once an hour ahaha.

    Hmmm Disney do usually have some pretty good actors... you might have convinced me...
    Wait that’s the perfect conclusion. They are all cringy. Wow. Have you seen that meme where Harry’s singing “You’re insecure” but then it sounds like a French guy saying “You’re in zee car,” ? Not entirely relevant, but it’s just stained itself in my head now ahah.
    Oh wow, I don’t think I could put myself through that even for Cole. Maybe I’ll watch a YouTube compilation ahah.

    You trynta “Sucker” me? *obviously in a NY gangster accent*
    That’s coming from the girl that couldn’t get a puny gold star :D
    I am so heartbroken for you ahah. Gold stars were so fun! Mind you, I did like the monkey stamps that some teachers put on our work. It would be a little monkey doing a handstand, with something like “Good job.” It’s crazy how happy I could feel from that.

    In any case, back to the matter at hand. Yes, we have Easter Monday off :D
    Not only that, but our Easter holiday started on Friday, so we’re off school for another 2 weeks :)
    (It’s kinda useful that we have different holiday times, bc I’ve signed up to a load of CA exemplars while everyone else in the US has a ton of schoolwork.
    But anyway, in my year, Easter holiday means revision. Yuck. I’m starting tomorrow, because I still have some chocolate to get through today XD
    Oh, and you shouldn’t be too worried about not seeing my face ahah. It might be so beautiful that you are instantly blinded, or maybe the opposite ahah..
    (But don’t worry, as of yet, that hasn’t happened. Agh we have to do face-to-faceish (by zoom) CA meetings, and apart from my horrible lighting — because it’s always midday and I’m right by a window, I bear a sligghhht resemblance to the ghost of Christmas past after he’s eaten a white led lightbulb — we’ve been alright.) losing track of all those brackets there ahah.
    I’m gonna stop typing before it gets too much to read hah
    Have a great Easter Monday!!

    6 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Re: Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you thought it was an interesting piece.

    This is so good and important! I love your tone. If you want to continue, you totally should. I would really love to read more.

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: haha, well I don’t blame you for your opinion on root beer! XD XD
    Ha! It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who has so much in common with me!
    Ha, I’m so indecisive with almost everything! XD
    Yeah, I have a passion for music.... but of course I love book characters too.
    Okay, so no I didn’t... but my mom did when she was little. Did you?

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    This is wonderful!

    Re: Thank you so much for the comment. And tell your story girl! We need more people to speak out. I'm glad you've published this, and I can't wait to see what you do next :)

    6 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    This is such an important message. I'm not black, I'm half Pakistani half Portuguese-white, but I see this with a lot of other kids who have darker skin than me. And the word "ethnic"-- I hate that word.

    6 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    i'd love to see this as satire, it's too funny thinking someone may be offended and rampage in here. i hope you'll check out 'white trash' by yellow sweater, it's good. two tones, a similar message. :)

    6 months ago
  • Lata.B

    This should not offend anyone. You already said " I know not everyone is like this. "
    So I think this is just pure feelings and truth.
    I love the message you have here <3

    6 months ago