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So this is what happens when you go to the night show at the Easter Show, and start thinking.

oh to be like the fireworks

April 9, 2021


A hush falls over the arena,
As darkness creeps over us,
Like a blanket.
The silence hangs in the air,
Teasing us, 
Making us wonder,
Just when will the noise erupt?


With a bang!
Sparks shower into the air.
Gasps and shrieks explode from lips,
But soon give way to delighted giggles.

I sit,
In my sister's red flannel coat,
And think.

As the fireworks boom in the air,
I feel the vibrations, deep in my chest.
And I think,
Are we really so different from these explosions?

There are golden ones,
Which, staying on the ground, shoot their heavenly sparks into the air,
Sounding for all the world,
Like rain,
On a tin roof.

Then there are little missiles,
That shoot up with a piercing whistle,
And hands clap over ears,
Ready for the loud explosion,
But it doesn't come.
They fizzle out,
And die before their true glory appears.

Then you see a small little dot,
Quietly shooting into the air,
No one is watching it,
And you assume it will fizzle out at the top.
BANG! Well that was a surprise.

Don't you think that some of us,
Are like the golden showers?
Who are content to spend their life,
Making others better,
Making the other people look more impressive?
But yet, they, in their silent way,
Are just as beautiful.

Then there are others,
Who are like the missiles,
Who go up with a great amount of noise,
And we all think they'll be something great,
But they fizzle out before they reach the top.

And then there are the silent ones,
Who quietly aim for greater,
No one knows their name,
But suddenly, in a flash of colour,
They explode, 
And the whole world sees their light,
And stares at them in wonder.

Oh to be,
Like the fireworks.


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  • Swing_Lynn

    Super cool piece. Really appreciate the follow! <3

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Of course! And aw thank you! "tried to find the names of the fireworks" LOLL I can imagine!

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow I love the way you describe all the fireworks (I know exactly what type you're talking about) and how you relate it to people- it's so clever!!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Omigosh your imagery and metaphors are on point

    5 months ago
  • Mespotz

    This is beautiful, I love the comparisons!

    5 months ago